System of A Down's Shavo Odadjian discusses North Kingsley on Mosh Talks

System of A Down's Shavo Odadjian discusses North Kingsley on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

Odadjian also confirms the RZA will be featured on the second EP from North Kingsley.

It's been 15 years since Shavo Odadjian has felt what it's like to release new music with his primary band. Recently launching his North Kingsley project, Odadjian reconnected with that familiar rush once again - and fell in love with it all over again.

The System Of A Down bassist/songwriter participated in a conversation on the Knotfest series Mosh Talks to discuss his latest creative endeavor and just how excited he is to share his craft with people that want to listen.

It would be impossible to frame what Shavo is doing now without including his accomplishments with System of A Down, however, there is no ambition to create a carbon copy. The parallel Odadjian can draw between System and North Kingsley is the versatility of each collective. No two songs sound the same, and yet there is a continuity in the music specific to North Kingsley - similar to the dynamic of System.

In much that same way Shavo speaks with excitement about the project, he also has a sense of practicality about it much the same. Confiding his awareness that there are those out there quick to dismiss anything that isn't System, Odadjian would rather focus his energy on those that will be receptive to something new.

A healthy portion of the conversation focused on Shavo's experience with famed producer Rick Rubin. Discussing how Rubin's influence still resonates with him in the present day, Odadjian explained how Rubin's nurturing approach is about refining an already good product to bring out it's greatness. Shavo would even include a quick story about Rubin took the track "Aerials," from good to great in the same way.

Expanding on that notion of formative working relationships, Shavo would go on to discuss his collaborations with the likes of George Clinton and how working with RZA of Wu-Tang Clan would ultimately lead to scoring the film Babylon AD with famed composer, Hans Zimmer.

In fact, the RZA would punctuate the conversation as Shavo confirmed that the second EP from North Kingsley, Vol. 2, will feature a guest appearance from revered producer/lyricist - a hefty cosign if ever there was one.

Watch the complete interview with Shavo Odadjian of System of A Down and North Kingsley below.

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