Tallah's Max Portnoy talks Matriphagy and Nu Metal on Mosh Talks

Tallah's Max Portnoy talks Matriphagy and Nu Metal on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

One of the genre's most exciting new artists are set to release their debut Matriphagy on October 2nd.

Working to de-stigmatize the moniker of nu-metal, Tallah have developed a sound that have catapulted the band into the conversation of one of the genre's most exciting emerging artists.

Max Portnoy sat in to discuss the creative direction of the band on the latest episode of Mosh Talks. The drummer detailed that while nu-metal has long carried a negative connotation, the era was hugely influential for all the members of Tallah and ultimately resonates in their sound - though naturally, the aim is to build upon that influence, not replicate it.

Incorporating unique samples, turntables, and dynamic programming to accent the band's brand of controlled chaos, Portnoy cited bands like Slipknot for their ability to craft nuanced, layered songs that push the boundaries of their respective genre. Set on channeling that same complexity with their music, Tallah boldly embrace the nu-metal label with the kind of confidence that will almost assuredly redefine it.

Reiterating the band's ambitious approach, Portnoy also provided an overview of the loose concept that is at the core of the band's upcoming debut, Matriphagy. Explaining that the songs were intended to to function as one cohesive piece of music, Portnoy included the narrative portion of the album that tells the harrowing story of a protagonist held captive by his overbearing mother and the eventual tragedy that results from that situation.

Portnoy added that the concept in full is explored in the band's Youtube series with frontman Justin Bonitz.

The scope of the band's debut speaks to the ambition that is evident with Tallah. Portnoy's ability to articulate the band's vision only adds to the excitement that is packaged with the singles that have already surfaced from the album. If Tallah is the new face of Nu Metal, the genre is in for more than a revival but rather, a renaissance.

Tallah's anticipated debut Matriphagy is due out October 2nd on Earache Records. Watch the complete interview with Max Portnoy on Mosh Talks below.

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