The Health of Heavy Culture with Jamey Jasta

The Health of Heavy Culture with Jamey Jasta

- By Ramon Gonzales

Musician, podcaster, ambassador Jamey Jasta digs into the brand of heavy music on Mosh Talks.

Metal/Hardcore renaissance man, Jamey Jasta, checked in for a session on Mosh Talks in a conversation that quickly dug deep into the bigger business of music and entertainment.

What began as a simple question about how the lockdown was treating Jasta, shifted into how the frontman was staying productive during such strange times.

Outside of Jasta's frontman duties with Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, and his own solo project in Jasta, the multi-talented creative has also been at the helm of his own successful podcast, The Jasta Show, since 2014. Jasta has become a fixture in the media as an ambassador for the metal and hardcore culture. He founded his own label in Stillborn Records.

It's those kinds of credentials that allow Jasta to speak with such authority when asked about the importance of being versatile as a working musician. Jasta spoke about the importance of finding new avenues to generate revenue, praised bands like Clutch and Sevendust that have more control over their own music, and explained how his versatility has been beneficial during this downtime.

The conversation would steer towards the health of the culture of heavy music overall. Admitting that he felt it's fragmented, Jasta also agreed that there is potential to galvanize the community however, there is a prevalent contingent of haters that will make it a point to undermine the success of others - seemingly referencing the cancel culture. It would be one of many times in the conversation where Jasta emphasized the importance of being your own boss.

Jasta would go on to address the backlash he experienced last year after stating his opinion over Chvurches being billed over Gojira. Offering very simple, albeit poignant advice, Jasta explained that "If you don't know someone personally, don't take it personal." Jasta seems to have a keen awareness that his opinion is going to subject him to detractors and understands that it's better to focus on those that support you, rather than look to tear you down.

Watch the complete interview with Jamey Jasta via Mosh Talks below

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