The Mosh Talks interview with clown of Slipknot - Part One

The Mosh Talks interview with clown of Slipknot - Part One

- By Ramon Gonzales

In the first of a six-part exclusive interview, clown details the significance of the last year away from the stage and how he remains motivated to challenge the idea of the clown people think they know.

The one and only clown of Slipknot has had a formative stretch of time away from the stage during quarantine. Not one to indulge the down in downtime, the multi-talented creative has ensured that he is making the most of his time while not touring with the masked nine.

The first in a six part interview series via the KNOTFEST's Mosh Talks, clown details just what the last year has consisted of and how the transition has been a rewarding challenge of reinvestment in himself. From the launch of his successful podcast in The Electric Theater to his continued immersion in all things creative, clown's pace and productivity continues to be unparalleled more than two decades in.

Working on his music, his art, and thoroughly enjoying time with his family, his dogs and in his garden, clown has arrived at a very pivotal place in life in which he is opting to embrace all that is positive, while moving swiftly passed anything else. Deadset on exceeding expectations and challenging the conventional, clown is as motivated as ever and convinced that the clown the world knows hasn't even scratched the surface yet.

Watch the comprehensive interview via Mosh Talks below.

1:33 - Exploring clown's now yearlong conversation series in The Electric Theater, the veteran musician explains his real feelings when it comes to be being on the other side of microphone and asking the questions instead of being asked the questions and in true clown fashion, no punches are pulled.

3:42 - clown further explains how the podcast premise about bringing two people together that do not know one another and exploring their connection in a conversation. Naturally, the direction of the discussion tends to gravitate towards bring creative. What clown always aims to avoid is being contrived.

4:39 - The Slipknot veteran addresses what it's like to live with the preconceived notions people have of him and how that plays into his interaction with people.

5:38 - Offering a new ideology and approach to life, clown shares that he tries to start each day with a fresh outlook, building only off the positive from the day before and leaving everything else in the past with yesterday. He goes onto explain that he is motivated by the need to be the best possible human he can be before his time here is done.

7:35 Learning from listening, clown explains how crucial it has been to listen and then react, rather than react and have to go back and listen. Being able to listen and assess makes for better choices, better outcomes, and better interactions.

8:40 - Detailing how anxiety can be useful so long as it doesn't get to panic, clown goes into weighty aspects of humanity like trust and authenticity and how that plays into his MO for life. clown goes on to reiterate that while he has a strong personality, his intent is never to cloud anyone's mojo with weirdness.

10:18 - When asked if this has been the longest he has been out of the mask, clown explains that he has always advocated for breaks between cycles. Supporting family and friends in giving them the time and space to pursue their other passions is something that remains especially important to clown.

11:04 - Viewing time off as a gift clown shoes that the ability to beak gives him the chance to reset - explaining he is always on. "Don't wait to eat with me and don't ever try to stay up with me."

12:00 - clown reveals that he has gone two and half years on a break from Slipknot

12:26 - In explaining how the touring cycle for We Are Not Your Kind was cut, clown recalled how the same thing happened with the Iowa cycle during the tragic events of the 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and The United States Pentagon.

12:56 - Comfortable with being at home and utilizing that time away for personal growth, clown invested in himself by gardening, making hot sauce, working on music, and exploring a new challenge like his Electric Theater.

13:49 - Bringing things full circle, clown reiterates that he loves the Electric Theater platform as much as he doesn't ONLY because he realizes how personal conversation can be and he never wants anyone to feel like he's working an angle - he only wants that discussion to be 100% genuine.

14:34 - Reassessing the last year, clown shared how his life has been fulfilled in different ways like his family, his dogs, his music which is always a constant, and the commitment he has made to himself to reinvest in his art. clown goes onto explain that his biggest working in progress is himself and how his is fueled by the urge to let the world know that he may not be who they think he is.

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