Trivium's Corey Beaulieu talks deep cuts on Mosh Talks

Trivium's Corey Beaulieu talks deep cuts on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

Asserting their rank among the genre's most innovative bands, Trivium has become an obvious reference of how to pivot during this pandemic.

The spectacle of the band's bar-setting global streaming event, A Light or A Distant Mirror, was a watershed moment not just for metal music but for live entertainment as a whole. As a band that has long utilized their digital reach strategically, Trivium ultimately created a new standard when it comes to the streaming platform.

Significantly scaling down the production, Trivium will be opening their rehearsal space for a speciality session of the band's deepest cuts on August 29th, a broadcast that will be available for free.

Guitarist Corey Beaulieu checked in for a session with Beez via Mosh Talks to discuss the genesis of The Deepest Cuts. In exploring ways to not only stay active but continue to connect with fans, Beaulieu described that the idea was to perform a collection of tunes that often times don't make the cut on traditional tour.

Describing the setlist curation is a pretty democratic process, each member of the band essentially submitted a handful of tracks they wanted to play and the setlist evolved from there. Beaulieu added that the idea has resonated so well with fans that the requests have continued to roll in - such that there is already talks of a second Deepest Cuts installment with plans to continue so long as there is a need.

The conversation included talk of a potential cover set, a possible vinyl release of A Light or A Distant Mirror, and even the possibility of Trivium already working on new material.

Watch the loaded interview with Corey Beaulieu below and be sure to stream The Deepest Cuts on August 29th beginning at 12pm LA | 3pm NY | 8pm UK | 9pm EU via Matt Heafy's TWITCH channel.

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