While She Sleeps' Mat Welsh details the music and the meaning of Sleeps Society on Mosh Talks

While She Sleeps' Mat Welsh details the music and the meaning of Sleeps Society on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The guitarist for While She Sleeps explains how 'Sleeps Society' is a testament to the band's evolution both creatively and professionally.

The latest Mosh Talks checks in with Mat Welsh of While She Sleeps to dissect the band's current rollout for their forthcoming LP, Sleeps Society.

Beginning the conversation with a poignant observation, MT host Beez pointed out that "you don't know where you are going unless you know where you have been" before getting into WSS' previous album in the 2019's So What?

Welsh would recall a particularly turbulent time for the band in making that particular album. Sharing that Loz (Lawrence Taylor) needed vocal surgery, guitarist Sean Long was battling very real depression, and Welsh himself fell ill with a serious case of appendicitis, the musician revealed that the strain the band was enduring ended up working it's way into the sound of the record.

Welsh would go onto explain that he still loves what the band did with So What? but remembers the added weight of the era. He added that being able to endure through that rough patch was especially character building and resulted in a real sense of clarity in transitioning into the band's next effort.

As for how the band has evolved creatively in this latest iteration, Welsh explains that incorporating electronic elements into their brand of heavy was a result of wanting to push themselves as artists while retaining their identity. Citing artists like Bon Iver as unexpected influences, Welsh shared that the band, Sean in particular, is always writing new material and always looking to expand on their sound. Growing fascinated with being able to manipulate sounds electronically, that worked it's way into the present day presentation of While She Sleeps.

Playing off of the band's 2017 LP 'You Are We,' Welsh went on to explain how remaining true to their creative identity is crucial to the integrity of While She Sleeps. Discussing how the band's sound has progressed and been able to experiment, Welsh also shared a confidence in knowing that their efforts to venture outside of their comfort zone were never contrived. Never trying to sound like someone else always ensured that Sleeps, would always be Sleeps - regardless what resulted when the band emerged from recording studio.

Confident in their own creative identity and bonded with the fans that understand that journey, Welsh shared that hearing the fans scream with conviction, "You are We," in a live setting is among the biggest thrills he's experienced and something that he misses while being in lockdown - both for the sincere sentiment and the shared experience.

Welsh would also go onto explain the Sleeps Society platform, the band's pioneering model of fan interaction and incentive. Though Patreon, the band has set up an tiered system of content that fans can access depending on the level of investment each opts to make. The revolutionary means of eliminating the middle man and ensuring bands can thrive based on the fans that support them is something Welsh says is about changing the status quo.

Much the same way the band has evolved as artists and songwriters, they ate also evolving as businessmen. Adapting to a new age of music discovery and fan interaction means creating a new avenue in reaching their existing base while simultaneously growing their audience. Keen on evolving in all aspects of the trade, While She Sleeps is making strides as a game changing outfit both on and off the stage.

Watch the complete interview with Met Welsh of While She Sleeps on Mosh Talks below.

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