Stream the highly-personal introduction and get the details on ‘The Surface’ which arrives this October via Red Bull Records.

Following their recent victorious co-headlining U.S. run with Trivium to punctuate the touring cycle for the 2021 full length Below, hard rock juggernaut Beartooth continue their prolific pace with the announcement of their next full length, The Surface.

The album is due out October 13th via Red Bull Records and ropes in previously released previews in potent singles like the anthemic “Riptide” and the highly-charged “Sunshine!” Coupled with the news, Beartooth have served up a third showcase from the forthcoming album, delivering an important message of personal discovery and empowerment in “Might Love Myself”.

Framing an effective, emotive performance from frontman and band architect Caleb Shomo, the single not only boasts the band’s expertise as songwriters, but underscores the human element that makes their message so important.

“Beartooth’s entire discography has been snapshots of my inner monologue and emotional state over the years with a recurring theme: depression and self-loathing,” Shomo explains. “It’s been tough to understand why I’ve felt the way I do for so long.

During the pandemic, I was faced with two distinct paths in life. One — I continue doing nothing to manage the realities of my mental health and continue down a path of self-destruction, ultimately ending in my demise. Two — choose to do the work needed to maintain a healthier relationship with myself, no matter how difficult or painful.”

Shomo adds how the single is indicative of the broader themes of the album, documenting necessary changes he has made to get to a better place mentally. “This album is the story of my beginnings in the new world I’ve created for myself. One focused on health, self love, positivity, understanding, hard work, and most of all second chances. At the end of the day, life is short for all of us. We can’t escape the end, so why not make friends with it and live in a world focused on living a personally fulfilling life.”

Shomo continues, “Self-love was something I never believed would be a part of my life. I would focus on my depression and my sadness, believing those part of me were always the most prominent in my mind. But through hard work comes results. Self-love had to be a choice; it can’t be an emotion. Emotions are fleeting and can change with a sunset or a single word. Choosing to put your own health (mentally and physically) as the highest priority in your life has been the only path I’ve found to self love. It helped me realize what I’m capable of, how strong I am, and that progress is more important than any immediate fix to my emotions. This song is about the first moment I realized something was significantly shifting in my life.”

The announcement affirms Beartooth’s rank high atop the hierarchy of heavy rock. Along with kicking off the album campaign, the band are en route to Australia, returning for the first time in four years on a co-headlining bill with Pierce the Veil. From there, Beartooth trek to Europe for a August run of festival dates including sets at Wacken in Germany, Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic and Pukkelpop in Belgium just to name a few. See all current tour dates – HERE

The Surface, the fifth album from Beartooth arrives October 13th on Red Bull Records.

Order the album – HERE

“The Surface”
“Doubt Me”
“The Better Me” (Feat. Hardy)
Might Love Myself
“What’s Killing You”
“Look The Other Way”
“What Are You Waiting For”
“My New Reality”
“I Was Alive”

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