Brand of Sacrifice Begin New Era With the Release of "Purge"

Brand of Sacrifice Begin New Era With the Release of "Purge"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest single from the Canadian deathcore standouts marks their arrival on Nuclear Blast Records.

Photo by Jennifer McCord

Closing out a year that saw the release of their acclaimed EP, Between Death & Dreams, deathcore juggernaut Brand of Sacrifice have announced their partnership with heavy music authority Nuclear Blast Records - marking a new chapter for the band. 

Along with the news of their signing, Brand of Sacrifice has debuted their first showing of new musis on the label with the audio assault of "Purge". The pummeling track showcases the band's almost orchestral approach to extreme music. The layered composition ropes in elements of electronic music, frenetic guitars and dynamic percussion for the kind of organized chaos befitting the vocal intensity of frontman Kyle Anderson. 

Detailing the thematic weight of the track, Anderson offers some insight to what fuels such a powerful performance. ""Purge," powerfully delves into the complexities of addiction, weaving a narrative of struggle, but also resilience. It is an ode to personal transformation, showcasing the journey towards becoming one's best self amidst life's challenges."

Anderson would also go onto share his excitement in forging such an important partnership with Nuclear Blast. "We’re very excited to be kicking off the new era of Nuclear Blast Records with ‘Purge’! Having worked with Blood Blast for most of our previous releases and campaigns, we’re looking forward to building upon that success within the same powerhouse umbrella."



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