Cannibal Corpse Teams with Concept Cafes for Fourth Cold Brew Coffee Launch, 'Cranial Extraction'

Cannibal Corpse Teams with Concept Cafes for Fourth Cold Brew Coffee Launch, 'Cranial Extraction'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Under the Beheading & Brewing banner, the collaboration features a fourth installment with a limited release that includes both a roast and a nitro snapchill can.

Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse have launched the fourth edition of their coffee collaboration with the caffeine fiends in mind. Joining forces with Concept Cafes under the name Beheading Brewing, the tandem have introduced the extremely limited 'Cranial Extraction' cold brew nitro can. 

Limited to just 500 single units, the snapchill can features signature Cannibal Corpse artwork and organic cold brew coffee coined as the most, "killer on the planet". The cold brew can is featured as part of a gift set that also includes a bag of Cannibal's limited roast, Beheading & Brewing along with a Cannibal Zombie sticker for the collector. 

Michael Tonsetic of Concepts Cafe spoke about the continued collaboration with the death metal legends. "When we initially launched the cold can line with Cannibal Corpse, we all really just wanted a convenient experience for events and retail venues like the Spooky Empire horror con, or legendary local record store Park Ave CDs, and recently the Vegas oddities shop Cemetery Pulp. Both metal and horror fans were so receptive and stoked on the quality and can art, we knew we had to follow it up."
Tonsetic spoke about the future of the project, "So what’s next? Fans already collect beer cans and bottles, so we decided to do the same for coffee, hence we’re already up to the #4 release. How long can we keep it going? As long as we can consistently keep topping the last and the fans are still asking for them, we’ll keep it going. Is it going to get extremely brutal?…FCK YEAH!!!"
Preorders are currently available - HERE 
Packages begin shipping on January 2nd. 
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