Kid Bookie Frames the Fallout of Artificial Intelligence with "AI (Save Yourself)"

Kid Bookie Frames the Fallout of Artificial Intelligence with "AI (Save Yourself)"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track will be featured on the upcoming 2024 Marshall Records release, Songs For The Living // Songs For The Dead. 

Genre-melding phenom Kid Bookie has unloaded his first bit of new music since 2022's Mass Hysteria EP - a project that looped in guest assists from the likes of Corey Taylor and Ziey Kizzy.

Previewing his forthcoming full length via Marshall Records due out 2024, Songs For the Living / Songs for the Dead, the emerging songwriter explores the weighty subject matter of AI and the potential adverse effects of technology that evolves faster than humanity can handle. 

"AI (Save Yourself)" marks the start of the next era for Bookie, in which he oversees the totality of the project both as the artist and producer, working with producer/engineer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Nova Twins, Holding Absence) to hone the final mix. 

In line with the narrative of the song and the theme of the accompanying music video, Bookie explains the destructive, dystopian implications of artificial intelligence without responsible application. 

“I wanted to prod and jest a subject that’s kind of new territory for music and in its infancy,” Bookie explains. “It’s cool to listen to Michael Jackson do screamo and System of a Down via AI manipulation or some shit, but there’s a darker side.
“I think the longer it’s left in the grey area, the more significant the impact it will be for artists and industry folk alike. But I’m not scared of computers, and I don’t think it will be some Terminator apocalypse, just another evolution that affects the art, for better or worse, who knows.“ 

The latest from Bookie coincides with his current UK trek supporting Bob Vylan. The tandem will perform at The O2 Kentish Town Forum, London on November 25th. Along with plans to release Songs for the Living / Songs for the Dead next summer, Bookie will be out on the road once again, this time supporting I, Prevail for their summer arena tour in Europe. Additionally, Bookie's 2024 dance card includes dates at next year's Takedown Festival at Portsmouth Guildhall alongside the likes of Creeper and Dinosaur Pile-up. 


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