Mandatory Jams: The best new tunes of the week 3/12

Mandatory Jams: The best new tunes of the week 3/12

- By Ramon Gonzales

Deathcore, doom, and metal's version of No Doubt (For real) this week's jams cover the entire spectrum of heavy tunes.

With big news surfacing in the world of heavy music this week, including a Stranger Things livestreaming event from KORN and a brand new Rob Zombie record, we need to make sure that we share some of that shine with the roster of artists that dropped great racks this week.

As always, there is a lot happening under the umbrella of heavy tunes and the following collection of new tunes showcases the diversity of the category with jams ranging from death to groove to core - all conveniently packaged for easy listening.

Here is your reference guide to the Mandatory jams of the week - CRANK THESE.

Devil Sold His Soul - “Burdened” (Nuclear Blast Records)

The excitement of swirling around UK post-hardcore outfit Devil Sold His Soul is partially due to the forthcoming LP, Loss featuring the tandem vocal attack of Ed Gibbs and Paul Green. In addition, the album is the band's first release in some five years, following the band's last effort in 2016 with 'The Reckoning'. Previously sharing the potent singles "Beyond Reach" and "The Narcissist," the third cut in "Burdened" clearly suggest that the long layoff has segued into the band finding its creative stride.

Purgatory - “Loyalty Denied” (Unbeaten Records)

The Midwest metallic hardcore crew of Purgatory are mounting an impressive charge to the April 9th release of their sophomore album, Lawless To Grave. Treading on the familiar sonic terrain of bands like Earth Crisis, Most Precious Blood, and Throwdown, the band's no frills approach combines the crunch of metal with the grit of hardcore. Tastefully showcasing their influences, Purgatory pay tribute to that late 90's/early 2000s era of beatdown that bumps.

Sumo Cyco - “No Surrender” (Napalm Records)

As a true ambassador of metal culture, Jose Mangin of Sirius XM has affectionately referred to the Canadian outfit of Sumo Cyco has "a metal No Doubt" and hot damn is he accurate. It's difficult to meld such polarizing worlds as pop and hard rock into the same space but the Skye “Sever” Sweetnam-led unit manages to do just that in a way that intrigues both bases. Driving instrumentation package with dynamic vocals make for a final product that flexes some finesse in an otherwise aggressive category.

ERRA - "Shadow Autonomous" (UNFD)

Dare we say it - metalcore outfit Erra actually assert a bit of prog chops on this last preview of their forthcoming self-titled LP. It certainly speaks volumes that the band regard this track as the album's ballad. Armed with sweeping hooks, "Shadow Autonomous," is still as much a banger as the previously shared "Snowblood," "Scorpion Hymn," and "Divisionary," however, the track places an emphasis on the band's ability to skillfully wield melody as an integral part of their musical assault. Rounding out the samples of the band's fifth LP, it would seem that the band is operating at peak performance just ahead of the album's drop later this month.

Human Impact - “Recognition” (Ipecac Recordings)

The amalgam of Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop), Chris Spencer (Unsane), Chris Pravdica (Swans) and Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop/Swans) dropped their critically-lauded, self-titled debut LP last year. Exactly a year later, the band has delivered a supplemental EP consisting of eight rarities and b-sides that resulted from the album's recording sessions. "Recognition" an artistic show of aggression that penetrates the psyche rather than pummeling the listener. Referencing the eerie reality of always present surveillance, the track gives you the creeps without resorting to goofy gimmicks to be effective.

Cadaver - "DEATHMACHINE" (Nuclear Blast Records)

Initially written for Cadaver Inc. during the apocalyptic-tone of the turn of the, "DEATHMACHINE" is a song some two decades old that still resonates as fresh. The tandem attack of Anders Odden and Megadeth's Dirk Verbeuren is nothing short of relentless. The pulse and pummel of Norwegian death metal thrives on the track and asserts that the alerts iteration of Cadaver remains a force to be reckoned with.

CONAN - "Battle In the Swamp" Live (Napalm Records)

The live version of the band's 2007 demo track serves as a sample from their recent Live At Freak Valley LP. Evolving into a fan-favorite and a staple in Conan's setlist, the track is a piledriver of sludgey-doom anchored by Jon Davis' hellacious vocal delivery. Complete with quality recording that ensures the power of the band's sound suffers no compromise, "Battle In the Swamp" is a gut punch in the best possible way.

Silvertomb - "So True" (Long Branch Records)

Comprised of Type O Negative's Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly, rounded out with Seventh Void's Hank Hell, Aaron Joos of Empyreon, and NYHC OG Joseph James of Agnostic, Silvertomb is a deft balance of classic heaviness with sincere, emotive gravity from the personal pen of Hickey himself. The genesis of "So True" channels the veteran's real-life struggles alcoholism and anxiety as source material for a track that translates as equally bold and brooding.

Haunt - "In Our Dreams" (Iron Grip Records)

Prepping for their sixth album in four years in Beautiful Distraction, the masterful fretwork that anchors Haunt is on full display on "In Our Dreams". Intended to be an ominous love song that deals with final goodbyes, the tone of the track might dark, but the instrumental melody throughout is vibrant and soaring. The dudes are ac musicians and the track attests to that.

To The Grave - "Terrorist Threat" (Unique Leader Records)

Asserting that the latest wave of deathcore is thriving, Sydney-based To The Grave offers an all out clobbering with this politically-charged banger. A potent combination of social commentary and instrumental annihilation, the track is as pissed off as it is technical - a balance that is difficult if not impossible to find. Set to take the genre by storm, To The Grave are asserting their presence with weaponized angst and searing songwriting.

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