Mandatory Jams: The best of the week 6/11

Mandatory Jams: The best of the week 6/11

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream a quality collection of new, heavy essentials from the likes of Wolves In The Throne Room, Times of Grace, Lorna Shore, Lantlos and more.

Another week is in the books and that means another collection of quality tunes to add to your playlists. Touching on a very broad spectrum of heavy, the following list if tracks ranges from death metal, black metal, metalcore, post metal and varies from emerging prospects to especially established names within the culture.

A true indication of the robust health of the heavy music, the following list of essentials suggest there is plenty of new material with getting excited about. As always, crank these tunes at maximum volume.

Distant - "Aeons Of Oblivion" (Unique Leader Records)

Existing somewhere between deathcore and beatdown, Distant unleash guttural violence with the title track for their latest on Unique Leader Records. Enlisted Adam Warren of Oceano to guest on the track, the growls, the crunch heavy guitars, and the downtempo percussion make for a cut that hits like a sledgehammer, complete with the bloodsplatter to boot.

Resolve - "Beautiful Hell" (Arising Empire)

Metalcore upstarst Resolve show a well-balanced attack on their latest anchored by a dynamic vocal performance from fonrtman Anthony Diliberto. Flexing a fluid transition between aggressive screams and sweeping melodies in the track's chorus, the sharply-produced single is another major set forward for the band.

Times of Grace - "Medusa" (Wicked Good Records)

The combination of Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage have propelled that band to the heights of heavy music success for a reason. This tandem is the kind of force that just can't be replicated - their chemistry soars on their latest track that proves particularly heavy and steadily paced. Relying solely on competent guitars and dynamic vocals, "Medusa" is equal parts majestic and muscle in way that suggest this Times of Grace full-length was well worth the wait.

Lantlos - "Magnolia" (Prophecy Productions)

Led by creative architect Markus Siegenhort, the band is currently prepping to release their fifth full length in Wildhund later in July. Embracing a sort of methodical approach to their brand of thought-provoking alt metal, "Magnolia" utilizing clean signing and odd timing to pave a new path of heavy that smacks of sophistication in the category. Aligned with a wide array of like-minded musicians like Devin Townsend, Hum, and even Deftones, Lantlos doesn't need spectacle to turn heads - the music does the work.

Wolves In The Throne Room - "Mountain Magick" (Relapse Records)

Ceremoniously announcing their Relapse Records debut, Primordial Arcana, arriving in August, modern black metal champions Wolves in The Throne Room have delivered a brilliant introduction with the first single in "Mountain Magick". What is even more impressive is that the band handled everything from concept to execution - production, mixing, writing, performing. A cinematic-quality showing right out the gate, it's no hyperbole to say that the band has one of the genre's most anticipated releases on their hands.

DARE - "Different Method" (Revelation Records)

Hailing from hardcore hallowed grounds of Orange County, CA, Dare have officially ushered in their Revelation Records era with the announcement of their debut full length with the antagonistic introduction, "Different Method". Designed to fire up the floor, the track is guaranteed to be stage-diving anthem for a generation of fans itching to get back tot h business of slamming into one another at a hardcore show.

Cerebral Rot - "Vile Yolk of Contagion" (20 Buck Spin)

Given that the band's forthcoming full length album is called 'Excretion of Mortality' there is a definite embrace of golden era death metal both in style and sound. The Pacific Northwest crew deliver decimation with on a track that boasts all of the requisite elements of traditional death metal - from the gut vocals, menacing guitars, and the kind of unpolished percussion that gives the tune some teeth. In short, the cut is a nearly-six minute rusty blade of death metal.

Lorna Shore - "To The Hellfire" (Century Media Records)

Serving as a powerful introduction of not only the band's new vocalist in Will Ramos but also the first track from the band's August 13th EP, '...And I Return to Nothingness,' "To The Hellfire" is a bombastic show of deathcore brutality. Read more about the band and their next chapter marked with the new tune - HERE
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