New Flesh 5/17 - Releases From Kerry King, Gatecreeper, Jasta and More

New Flesh 5/17 - Releases From Kerry King, Gatecreeper, Jasta and More

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check the week's essentials covering post-hardcore, modern death metal, plenty of thrash and an important live record for an emerging generational star in groove metal.

Among the picks added to this week's collection of new flesh, fans finally get to experience the return of one of thrash metal's most respected contributors. Additionally, an iconic frontman delivers a solo effort that ropes in a roster of legends all in the name of the fast and heavy. Plus, an international sensation delivers an important live album that serves as their victory lap some 15 years into their resilient career. 

Here is the rundown of essential slabs that make up this week's New Flesh. 

KERRY KING - FROM HELL I RISE (Reigning Phoenix Music)

The long-awaited debut from the venerated thrash guitarist has finally arrived and has made good on the notion of, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Backed by an elite roster of accomplished musicians in drummer Paul Bostaph formerly of Slayer, bassist Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah, legendary guitarist Phil Demmel formerly of Machine Head and vocalist Mark Osegueda of the Bay Area thrash OGs, Death Angel - the result quintessential King. Speed, intensity and the crescendo of the solo packaged into every track on the album. From Hell I Rise is the textbook example of playing to your strengths and King, still has plenty of musical muscle to flex. 


JASTA - ...AND JASTA FOR ALL (Perseverance Music Group)

Working with frequent collaborators in the brothers Bellmore, Nick and Charlie, pioneering frontman Jamey Jasta initially sought out to indulge his love of thrash with a few tracks. The project would ultimately evolve into a complete album - one which corralled titans of the genre with collaborations with Scott Ian of Anthrax, Chuck Billy of Testament, Zetro of Exodus, Joey Concepcion of Arch Enemy and Phil Demmel of Vio-lence. Coined by Jasta a succession of 'all rippers, no skippers' the metallic hardcore hero does an impressive job of paying homage to thrash, while offering his own contribution to the sound.  




Delivering the first full length since the band's celebrated 2021 acclaimed EP, An Unexpected Reality, Gatecreeper confidently explore the full spectrum of musical extremtiy. Working with Kurt Ballou of Converge and Fred Estby of the legendary Dismember, Dark Superstition emphasizes the band's ability as songwriters and metal craftsman. Loaded with themes of the metaphysical and mystical, the band's well-established musical brutality is still very much front and center, making for a album that shows growth, while maintaining the stylistic signature fans have come to love. 



Wilkes-Barre melodic hardcore collective One Step Closer knew they had to go big for their sophomore full length album, All You Embrace. Following the acclaim of their 2021 debut, This Place You Know and the 2023 EP, Songs for the Willow, Ryan Savitski found himself at a creative crossroads. Enlisting the likes of Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose and Mat Kerekes of Citizen, All You Embrace documents the band's formative last few years in the wake of their success - and the good and bad that comes with it. Asserting competent songwriting and artistry well beyond their years, One Step Closer leveled up. 



Serving as an important career milestone, Live In Los Angeles is Jinjer's first ever live release. The album and accompanying DVD/Blu Ray captured the band's triumphant showing on December 22nd of 2022 for a jam-packed appearance the historic Wiltern Theater in L.A. The mammoth set captured on record, relives the band's meteoric rise in the wake of their celebrated 2021 LP, Wallflower, while also commemorating the band's 15th anniversary. Punctuating a whirlwind si-month global run, Live In Los Angeles preserved an important moment for Jinjer and showcased the performative command of the band in full stride. 




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