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While She Sleeps Links with Alex Taylor of Malevolence for Drubbing New Single "Down"

While She Sleeps Links with Alex Taylor of Malevolence for Drubbing New Single "Down"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Watch the band create controlled chaos with 15 liters of paint, 7 cans of spray paint, 2 fire extinguishers, a box of fireworks, nearly 1200 still photographs and one emphatic guest appearance. 

Having recently introduced their pending, self-produced 2024 full length Self Hell with the unveiling of the anthemic title track, Sheffield's DIY champs While She Sleeps have recruited some hometown horsepower for their second showing. Enlisting Alex Taylor of the mighty Malevolence, WSS has delivered a wallop of a second single with "Down". 

A testament to the band's work ethic and hands-on ethos throughout, the accompanying music video was conceptualized and created by the band using thousands of still images and an outside the box approach. Opening with a reminder that the 2024 album was funded entirely by the fans, the band emphasized the communal evolution of While She Sleeps even as they embark on their next chapter. 

While She Sleeps guitarist Sean Long elaborated on the significance of the track. “‘Down’ has been a central pillar in the new album throughout the writing process of ‘Self Hell’. Loz was completely on fire and it gave a reminiscent early Sleeps style to the track. The working title for this song was ‘Film-Riffs’ simply because it sounded like it could be in an action movie. And it will. That’s exactly what it is. A high-intensity new sound that you can’t not bang your head to."

Long added how the track is indicative of the progression of the band. "It was one of the first demos that we knew would be an integral part of the album, it houses all elements of the last 10+ years, yet we have also taken steps to excite ourselves in new areas and introduced new sounds to our advantage. The unmistakable MS20 has made its footprint on the new sound of Sleeps and gives the song an instant identity as soon as it starts."

Long finished with detailing the thematic weight of the track. "The song is about our deepest desire to feel free from the grips of our own compulsions; trauma, past, society, and everything in between. While we all face this journey in life there are always obstacles that hinder our progress on the path. More often than not these manifests in the form of people who simply get in the way of your freedom and bring you down.”

The release of the single follows the band's recent triumph at Alexandra Palace for one of their biggest headlining plays to date in front of 10,000 passionate fans. Unleashing a phenomenal stage show complete with engaging visual and an incendiary live set, While She Sleeps reaffirmed their rank in the landscape of contemporary heavy music. 

Self Hell from While She Sleeps arrives March 29th. Order the album - HERE


While She Sleeps have also recently been confirmed for a North American trek supporting Architects set for spring of 2024 along with Of Mice & Men. See the complete list of dates and cities below.

Get tickets - HERE

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