Year Of the Knife Celebrate Return to the Stage at New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

Year Of the Knife Celebrate Return to the Stage at New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

- By Ramon Gonzales

The appearance will serve as the band's first performance since their catastrophic tour van accident which left the vocalist with serious injuries that included several surgeries and months worth of recovery.

Last year, metallic hardcore unit Year of the Knife experienced unimaginable tragedy when their tour van was involved in a catastrophic accident while the band was on the road. While the enitre band sustained significant injuries, none were more impacted than vocalist Madi Watkins who suffered life-altering trauma. 

In addition to the several brain trauma she endured which forced her into a medically-induced coma, Watkins also sustained a broken jaw in multiple places, a broken femur, pelvis, tibia and ankle. Her injuries would force her to undergo several surgeries and spend months in a hospital bed, at time facing dire prognoses. 

See Madi Watkins' recent appearance on HARDLORE where she recounts the horrific events and her incredible story of recovery and resilience. 



A year later, Madi Watkins, despite insurmountable odds, has confirmed that she will again front a recalibrated, reemerging Year of the Knife for the band's first show back since their accident. The band will mark their return as part of the festivities for this year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival slated for September 21st and 22nd of this year. 

The band shared of their confirmation, "We're highly anticipating our debut at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival," the band says. "It's a great first step for what will be total global domination. We're thankful for the fest and our fans. We'll be sure to make this show special."

The 2024 New England Metal and Hardcore Fest will be headlined by Killswitch Engage who will be performing a special 25th anniversary set. Detahcore juggernaut Slaughter to Prevail will top the second date, with standout sets from Machine Head, Converge, Suicidal Tendencies, Full of Hell, Shadow of Intent, Incendiary and many more. 

The New England Metal & Hardcore Fest will also feature the first Nails live since the band confirmed their first nerw album in eight years in is on the way. Additionally, rare performances from Bane and The Red Chord are featured along with a stellar showcase of emerging talent including Brand of Sacrifice, 200 Stab Wounds, Foreign Hands, Upon Stone, BRAT and more. 

"I think this lineup is one of the top five best in the festival's history," sharted fest founder, Scott Lee. "It will appeal to all fans of all genres of extreme music."

See the complete line up below. Get tickets and info - HERE


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