Zeal & Ardor Confirm New Album, 'Greif'

Zeal & Ardor Confirm New Album, 'Greif'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the first single from the fourth full length effort, with "To My Ilk".

Following one of the most acclaimed releases of 2022, Zeal & Ardor have announced their fourth full length studio release, Grief. While the project has primarily been a solo endeavor helmed by Manuel Gagneux, the latest chapter of Zeal & Ardor is now filled out with the addition of bandmates Tiziano Volante on guitar, Marc Obrist and Denis Wagner on vocals, Lukas Kurmann on bass and Marco Von Allmen on drums. 

While Gagneux has assembled a unit of musicians to help materialize his creative vision, he remains fiercely hands-on - taking on the creative direction of Greif from concept to execution, serving as the project's producer as well as primary songwriter. 

Speaking to the depth and intention of the album, Gagneux shared his creative headspace.  "I wanted to expand upon what we had and introduce new colors. There are angry and accusatory moments, but there’s also some solace and happiness. I'm widening the palette of colors we have to paint with. These are avenues we haven't tried."

Emphasizing the range and broad stylistic spectrum of the latest full length, the first single "To My Ilk" offers an emotive, poignant showing that further speaks to Gagneux's prowess. The combination of subtle guitar and Martin's melodic voice bolstered by a choral background make for a powerful introduction. Speaking of the single itself, Gagneux commented, "It has another level of emotion, and it came out just the way I imagined."

Earlier this year, Zeal & Ardor debut the documentary Play With The Devil. The film by Olivier Joliat and Matthias Willi, frames Manuel Gagneux's inception of Zeal & Ardor from the early days of rigorous touring and even professional uncertainty.

The film depicts the forward-thinking meld of Black Metal and cultural folklore from the enslaved and opposed as a means of confronting racism in the modern era through compelling art.  The film also highlights Gagneux's plight in balancing his newfound acclaim, as an introverted, soft-spoken creative. Play With The Devil is available now for streaming on major platforms - HERE

Greif is set for release on August 23rd. The album will be available for pre-order April 26th - HERE



"the Bird, the Lion, and the Wildkin"
"Fend You Off"
"are you the only one now?"
"Go home my friend"
"Clawing out"
"une ville vide"
"Hide in Shade"
"to my ilk"
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