Above Snakes eye a promising future and confront a turbulent past on their latest "I Feel Bad"

Above Snakes eye a promising future and confront a turbulent past on their latest "I Feel Bad"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Massachusetts nü-era hard rock collective showcase their melodic sensibilities on their third single.

The Massachusetts-based modern rock collective of Above Snakes has managed to make an impressive impact during less than Ideal times.

Capturing the attention of an unsuspecting base in 2020, the band managed to rise above the white noise of political upheaval and pandemic-related uncertainty to gain traction with assertive singles like "Adrenaline" and "Never Alone".

A melodic meld of modern hard rock and nu-metal crunch, Above Snakes flexed their confrontational chops for their introductory selections and are now bearing a sense of introspection with their most recent effort, "I Feel Bad".

Frontman Johnny Skulls explained the personal element at the core of the band's latest single. "The premise of 'I Feel Bad' is me talking to myself, questioning if I can go on and succeed through the eyes of my new self. Can I be the person I need to be without getting pulled under by the dark hands of my past? The chorus line is very tongue in cheek - where I'm laughing inside as I say 'I feel bad for you'...but do I really? Because without the insane, dirty carnival, roller-coaster ride that has been my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today."

Coupled with the band's embrace of nü-era distortion is a unique sense of DIY-ethos that ensures even the most minor of details is tended to properly. The band is so involved with the entirety of the project that they even built the set for their latest video.

Locked and loaded with their third single in the chamber that showcases the real range of the band, Above Snakes indulge hard rock revelry that make them true prospects worth keeping on the radar.

Watch the premiere of "I Feel Bad" from Above Snakes below.

Pre-save "I Feel Bad" here: https://abovesnakes.fanlink.to/IFeelBad

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