Afterlife announced their sophomore album with the arrival of the title track "Part of Me"

Afterlife announced their sophomore album with the arrival of the title track "Part of Me"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The high personal work arrives August 13th on Hopeless Records and showcases the Florida metalcore standouts hitting their creative stride both musically and lyrically.

Emerging Florida metalcore standouts Afterlife have announced the highly-anticipated follow-up their 2019 Hopeless Records debut in Breaking Point, with the arrival of their sophomore album, Part Of Me.

Set for an August 13th drop date, the band immediately captured the attention of the heavy music community with the slow, albeit steady trickle of new music with previous glimpses of the album with the incendiary "Burn It Down” and the especially volatile “Wasting Time”.

Now, the band has marked the news of their second album with the unveiling the of the album's title track in the towering show of musical prowess that is "Part of Me". The band's charismatic and command voice in frontman Tyler Levenson elaborated on the significance of the album title. “When coming up with a name for the album we really wanted people to feel as though they had a true part of us in each song,” Levenson continues. “Each track is so personal to me, and I hope that listeners can hear how open I was in my songwriting and are able to reflect on their own lives and find parts of themselves in this music too.”

Further detailing the personal tone and catharsis of the highly emotive album, Levenson clearly spells out that this is far from just another album release for the band but rather, a pivotal moment in their personal lives and their professional careers.

I grew up in a turbulent household and had a strained relationship with my family on top of other issues growing up and for so many years. I just didn’t understand why things were the way they were which unfortunately had a lot of long-term effects on me later in life. But as an adult I was able to go back and have those conversations, breakdown my childhood and finally receive the closure I so desperately needed growing up. I believe that this song is me putting that chapter of my life to rest, while recognizing that I am who I am today because of those events and that it will always be a part of me that I carry,” confides Levenson.

Part of Me from Afterlife arrives on August 13th via Hopeless Records and aims to build upon the genre-bending, forward-thinking approach to aggressive music blueprinted with the band's impactful debut, Breaking Point. Pre-order Part of Me - HERE

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