ANGEROT Get Blasphemous With "They Shall Take Up Serpents"

ANGEROT Get Blasphemous With "They Shall Take Up Serpents"

- By Corinne Westbrook

Stream the punishing preview from the band's forthcoming full length, 'The Profound Recreant'.

Midwestern death metal outfit Angerot are here to blaspheme all over your holiday celebrations. The South Dakota based band have unleashed a tyrant of a new track "They Shall Take Up Serpents", taken from their forthcoming opus The Profound Recreant - out March 22nd via Redefining Darkness Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Guitarist/Vocalist CR Petit elaborates in the snake and inverted cross fueled video: "I have always been curious about the cults and human nature to be led into the craziest shit. Religion has been at the forefront of baiting and leading followers to do some of the most obtuse, brutal, inhumane, violent, and immoral behaviors and actions imaginable. Serpents is a reflection of snake cults and just how twisted this rabbit hole can be, both on oneself and on those who trust and believe in your words… no matter how dangerous. I tried to focus on the concept that even the most moral and sound beliefs can easily be soured and turned deadly when lead by unchecked human desires.

The video for Serpents was a fantastic experience. We knew we wanted to focus on a church/religious vibe in a very dark environment. We worked with a group of people just outside of Omaha who operate a very large haunted attraction called Hillside House of Hell. The place is massive. It was previous mental home or some shit turned haunted house. The old chapel room was converted into a Satanic Church attraction. We utilized this room to replicate a religious snake ritual let by a very persuasive priest… which all ends as you'd expect. Their crew, the extras, and the snakes all did an incredible job."

The Profound Recreant is the follow up to the bands 2020 album, The Divine Apostate, which was received to critical acclaim. The Profound Recreant shows that Angerot has tricks up their blood-soaked sleeves and are ready to lay waste in 2023.

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