Archetypes Collide preview their debut album with the anthemic single, "Parasite"

Archetypes Collide preview their debut album with the anthemic single, "Parasite"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The emerging Arizona outfit detail the process, the patience and the creative allies that helped make their Fearless Records' introduction a reality.

Nearly a decade into their run, Arizona collective Archetypes Collide are prepping for an important first. En route to March 31st, the band will make their full length album debut via Fearless Records, revealing a self-titled effort that underscores the band's unique assertion of patience and persistence.

Thus far previewing the project with the singles "My Own Device” and “What If I Fall”, the highly emotive showcase is backed by the band's depth of songwriting -- combining a range of influences that result in layered compositions, sweeping vocal hooks and dynamic instrumentation.

Unwilling to rush the process, Archetypes Collide bided their time while honing their craft, wisely taking the lessons learned from touring and performing live, only to bring that intel back when it came time to write and record. The band's prowess was such that they earned the attention of Beartooth's Oshie Bichar, who would recognize not only the band's potential, but the kind of diligence they dedicated to really getting their brand just right.

The combination would prove productive and the tandem got to work on finally implementing those years worth of refinement into a powerful, potent debut -- one some nine years in the making.

Revealing their most recent preview of the effort in "Parasite", Archetypes Collide seem to be finding their creative stride. Demonstrating true songwriting savvy, the band understands when to go hard and when to incorporate the harmonious, taking the listener on a ride that is immersive, sometimes intense and importantly unpredictable.

The band's frontman Kyle Pastor weighed in on what the build up to their self-titled debut album has been like and the level of excitement that is palpable among the band as they gear up for an important 2023. In addition to the band's Fearless Records debut, Archetypes Collide will join Beartooth and Trivium for spring tour that will position well in front of new fans, well equipped with plenty of new music.

Between "My Own Device”, “What If I Fall” and now “Parasite” there is an obvious personal nexus that really resonates in these songs. What’s the writing process like here? Does the band figure out the composition and structure of the songs first then the lyrics develop or is it usually the other way around?

Pastor - Our song writing process really evolved from song to song. Take, “What If I Fall” for example; that song started as an acoustic voice memo and we ended up bringing that into the studio and the rest of the song was written there. Whereas, “Parasite” was a full on instrumental demo first before any vocals were added. When it comes to lyrics, we typically tend to write those last. We have had countless demos where I’ll simply “do-wop” a melody and then we piece together lyrics that can compliment the emotions that what the instrumental naturally brings out.

The band has been releasing music since 2014 and now releasing your debut full length. Was that a result of circumstance or was it more about taking your time to get the introduction just perfect.

Pastor - We’ve always had a desire to put the best we can into our music. But from a local band/independent level, sometimes that meant each of us had to save up a few thousand dollars just to be able to pay for a studio, music videos, advertisements, etc. A full length album was just never feasibly possible at the level we wanted our music to be. Through the years we sacrificed a lot of hours, money, and relationships just to see this through. And that’s what’s really got us hyped with having the team over at Fearless Records in our corner now; is we can finally take our music to that “full length album” level and realize the full potential we’ve desired for this music over the past 9 years

How did the band align with Oshie Bichar and what has it been like to have a creative ally like that in your corner?

Pastor - Dude is the best. We actually connected with Oshie a few years back when he reviewed our song on a segment with The Punkrock MBA. He invited us out to Ohio to record shortly thereafter and the rest is history. Simply put, he’s a cheat code in the studio. His ability to co-write and produce on this album with us has been game changing. Aside from the studio, he also has taken up managing us and helping us navigate this crazy metal/rock industry.

How much of this record was conceptualized before going into the studio in 2022 and how meaningful was it to see them through from concept to execution?

Pastor - I think the best part about this album conceptually is that it embodies our band name by having so many different genre “archetypes” injected into it. Every member of the band brings their own styles and influences to this music. From pop/edm, to 80’s synth wave, to the heavy riffs, this album literally has a song for every type of listener in this rock/metal scene and we’re here for it.

Why did you select the singles you did to preview the album. How does that trio of songs best frame the range of the record?

Pastor - We feel like these singles truly represent the creative edge that Archetypes Collide can bring to the table while also holding true to the core of what makes us us. We love our anthemic choruses and head banging riffs, but also love that these songs all take their own unique stab at mixing in outside influences that wouldn’t normally be considered in our style.

With a new record in the chamber and a huge tour on deck with Trivium and Beartooth - how anxious are you to get out and share these songs you have been living with for more than a year?

Pastor - One of the most bitter-sweet parts of recording new music is the part where you gotta wait to release it and ultimately play it out in a live setting. From merchandise, to music videos, to everything else in between, we’ve put our all into this album and know that the wait is going to be worth it. We’re so excited to finally share everything we’ve been working on and what better way to do so than through a massive tour with Beartooth and Trivium? We’re stoked!

The debut, self-titled studio album from Archetypes Collide arrives March 31st via Fearless Records. Pre-order the release - HERE

Catch Archetypes Collide on tour this spring with Trivium and Beartooth along with Malevolence presented by the Knotfest Roadshow. See a full list of cities and dates below. Get tickets - HERE

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