Aussie antagonists Letterbomb A.D. unleash brutality with "Smoke & Mirrors"

Aussie antagonists Letterbomb A.D. unleash brutality with "Smoke & Mirrors"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The emerging horde of heady tap into the angst of the pandemic in a track that is functions as a powerful emotional purge.

In just a short three year run, Australian export Letterbomb A.D. have emerged as one of heavy music's most exciting prospects. Propelled by the strength of their self-titled EP and a an especially apropos single in 2020's "Dystopia," the collective of Dominic Sutton on Guitars, Keegan McCleary on bass and Garrett McMaster on drums and vocals have established their rank among ascending contributors in the space of aggressive music.

Extracting the essential elements of various subcategories, the band straddles the ethos of hardcore with the pummeling precision of deathcore in a way that resonates as fresh as it does extreme. The band manages to evoke the kind of brutality that supersedes the cheese of the descriptor actually make good on it's claim.

For the band's latest offering, Letterbomb A.D. sourced the angst and isolation of pandemic era in what amounts to a kind of cathartic purge on the track. "Smoke & Mirrors" manages to resonate with a community of people that have endured the an especially turbulent time in history and have had to adjust to a new reality while avoiding healthy interaction.

Vocalist Garrett McMaster says that "This song is about isolation-turned cabin-fever, and the toxicity of unhealthy relationships and removing ones self from situations in life that initially might be a painful uphill-climb but ultimately are essential for the progress of happiness and self-growth."

McMaster added, "I feel this is something that a lot of listeners will be able to relate to if they have been through any similar hardships, and the general feeling of isolation from COVID-19 over the past year which we have all experienced the effects of on a worldwide basis."

The relentless pace of the single is precisely why the band in such a relatively short amount of time has already earned supporting slots with the likes of Northlane, Thy Art Is Murder, Make Them Suffer, Justice for the Damned, Alpha Wolf, Diamond Construct and more. The standalone single further reiterates the band's ascending rank and why they are among a new generation of heavy artists that sidestep category with a mandatory meld of heft.

Stream the premiere of "Smoke & Mirrors" below.
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