BlackBraid, SpiritWorld, Casket Robbery & More Voted Top Tracks of the Week on Pulse of the Maggots

BlackBraid, SpiritWorld, Casket Robbery & More Voted Top Tracks of the Week on Pulse of the Maggots

- By Corinne Westbrook

From black metal to death western, here is the list of new heavy that earned the most votes among the fans.

The Pulse of the Maggots live chat has spoken!

These are the top voted tracks from the Pulse of the Maggots stream. Be sure to join us every Monday from 2pm PT/ 5pm ET to 4pm PT / 7pm ET on the official Knotfest Twitch channel to listen to the most buzz-worthy underground, under-loved, or under-represented bands from around the world. Make your voice heard in the live chat and vote on the top tracks of the week! And be sure to follow the Pulse of the Maggots playlist for hours of underground awesomeness every week.

SpiritWorld - Deathwestern

SpiritWorld recently announced their upcoming album, Deathwestern and revealed the title track, complete with gore-filled video. The title of the track is very apt as it sounds like a spaghetti western before a violent shove into a brutal metallic hardcore song, rife with what the band describes as “100% White Zombie worship” riffs. Pre-order Deathwestern HERE.

96 Bitter Beings - Fire Skyline

96 Bitter Beings is ready to set Hollywood ablaze on “Fire Skyline”. Fronted by founding CKY member Deron Miller, the track is full of groove and swagger and, my personal favorite thing on the planet, fire. 96 Bitter Beings will release their new record Synergy Restored on November 4th and pre-orders are available HERE.

Casket Robbery - Worm Food

A band that inspired a Satanic Panic in 2022? Yes, please! Casket Robbery have traversed into more technical death metal territory on their latest track, “Worm Food”, really showing off how they have grown. The band will release their new album, Rituals of Death on November 11th. You can pre-order a copy HERE.

Escuela Grind - Strange Creature

Last week, Escuela Grind released their highly anticipated album Memory Theater via MNRK Heavy. The grindcore outfit are masters of controlled chaos, with bludgeoning, unhinged brutality, encased in a frame of melody and solid composition. Grab your copy of Memory Theater HERE.

Helpless - Focus Group Extraction

Helpless packs so much variety into under 30 minutes with their EP Caged In Gold. The haunting dissonance of “Focus Group Extraction” put new meaning into the powerviolence genre. You can grab a copy of Caged in Gold HERE.

Downswing - Kick Rocks

When someone is bothering you, just put this on full blast and scream the opening line “KICK ROCKS MOTHERFUCKER!!” Downswing are a furious brand of metalcore that flawlessly intersperses emotional cleans among shredding screams. And a huge shout out to their bass player. Seriously, never skimp on the bass people! This is a standalone single, so no album pre-order yet!

BlackBraid - The River of Time Flows Through Me

BlackBraid is easily one of the most exciting black metal releases, if not one of the most exciting releases in general, of the year. A solo project inspired by the nature of the Adirondack Mountains and the bloody and brutal history of the Native American tribes therein. Multi-talented artist Sgah'gahsowáh crafts such an atmosphere, combining beauty and brutality in a way that draws you in. Get your copy of BlackBraid I HERE.

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