Blood Youth remain relentless with their latest single "Colony3"

Blood Youth remain relentless with their latest single "Colony3"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Proving that persona anguish can pack a powerful punch, the emerging UK unit offer their fourth single in as many months and show no signs of slowing.

UK metallic hardcore unit Blood Youth have been on a tear in recent months. Back in June, the band offered their commanding reintroduction after two years away from the spotlight with the track "Iron Lung". Ranging from atmospheric to ass-kicking, the song's emotional weight and pure catharsis quickly reasserted Blood Youth into the conversation of the genre's standouts.

In the short month that followed, Blood Youth delivered yet another direct hit with "Cells" - a track that showcased a colossal chorus, tailor-made for arena-sized singalongs. Diversifying their attack, the band just last month presented a third serving in the searing "Body of Wire". A true slobberknocker of single, the track's persistent pummel and menacing vocal performance from Kaya Tarsus offered the kind of track that would make the greater world of heavy music stand up and take notice.

With Blood Youth confirmed to take the stage for this weekend's Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds, a succession of three dynamic singles should have more than sufficed in priming the fans for a set to be excited about, but Blood Youth isn't stopping there. Ahead of their festival appearance, the band is premiering a fourth single in as many months with the arrival of "Colony3".

Blood Youth guitarist Chris Pritchard explained how emotion fuels the band's MO and how the latest single further establishes that. “Colony3 was built from a lot of explosive emotion. The song itself hits the highs and lows of what a song can give whilst balancing new grounds from us, and with this song specifically we wanted to turn it all up to 110. This song explores topics across self implosion, fear and intent to hurt, which any right minded human will feel after living amongst the leeches and rats for long enough.”

The confrontational ethos of the single results in slow build that culminates a heavy crescendo that kicks in with Tarsus bellowing "Bury Me" - the kind of energetic eruption that make Blood Youth more than the requisite metallic-hardcore crossover. The band's skilled songwriting signature showcases the ability to control their chaos - fluidly transitioning from the ethereal to explosive separated only by a few short stanzas.

Blood Youth will perform at Slam Dunk Festival this weekend and will trek across the UK this month with aggressors Death Blooms in what will assuredly be a chaotic one-two punch.

The band will carry that momentum into 2022 with an extensive run with nu-metal behemoth Cane Hill Dates for the tour can be found below.

Stream the KNOTFEST premiere of "Colony3" from Blood Youth below.

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