Brazilian metal juggernaut Eminence debut a powerful environmental anthem in "Wake Up The Blind"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The third single from the band's forthcoming full length Dark Echoes sets the stage for the May 28th release date.

Among Brazil's most proven metallic exports, Eminence has spent more than two decades cultivating a passionate following among its countrymen and contemporaries.

The band set May 28th as the arrival date of their latest full length effort in 'Dark Echoes' and began an audio onslaught that saw the emphatic release of the album's title track which enlisted Bjorn Strid of Soilwork, only to be followed with the poignant heft of the sophomore single in "BYOG" - Be Your Own God.

Continuing to put forth compelling messages packaged precisely into combustible stanzas of sonic aggression, the band's latest single in "Wake Up the Blind" again tackles weighty subject matter with a sense of urgency that fuels the very real angst of the track.

The band's guitarist Alan Wallace shares the very straight-forward edict of the single. "The human race is disrespecting the planet and the environmental impacts are becoming irreversible. We are heading towards a global collapse. We must change people's minds as soon as possible and save the planet."

The visual in tandem with the mammoth sound that is the signature of Eminence make for a truly powerful sensory experience that serves as a call to action in a 5-minute blast. Produced by Alan Wallace and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn, Suicide Silence), Dark Echoes is a potent examination of themes ranging from bigotry, frustration, perseverance, and personal accountability - which make for a hell of a metal album.

Dark Echoes arrives May 28 via Blood Blast Distribution. Pre-save/order the album - HERE
Dark Echoes Tracklisting
1. Dark Echoes Feat. Bjorn Strid
2. Burn It Again
3. B.Y.O.G.
4. Wake Up The Blind
5. Into The Ashes
6. The Vanishing
7. Inner Suffering
8. Death of a Nation
9. The Hologram
10. N3mbers
11. Not Hating, Just Saying
12. Parasite Planet

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