Chris Garza of Suicide Silence debuts a fiery solo effort with the track "Can't Get Out"

Chris Garza of Suicide Silence debuts a fiery solo effort with the track "Can't Get Out"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The song serves as the theme for the guitarist's new The Garza Podcast

Suicide Silence axeman Chris Garza has been especially active while navigating the extended pause of live music.

As one fifth of the pioneering crew of Suicide Silence, the band was among a small handful of artists that find a successful pivot and still managed to play shows during the pandemic. The band's virtual world tour took the streaming model and geofenced specific regions - thus allowing the band to play different cities across the globe, remotely.

Each set was different, tailored for the fans in each specific region. It not only allowed the band to earn, remain sharp, and share the live energy from 2020 return to form in their Become The Hunter LP.

It's that kind of progressive thinking that has propelled Chris Garza to ease into his next role, becoming a true renaissance man in the world of heavy culture. Earlier this year, Garza positioned himself in front of a studio microphone and got to work launching The Garza Podcast. In the months since, his roster of distinguished guests have included the likes of producer Ross Robinson, legendary guitarist Dino Cazares, Meegs Rascon of the OG cholo goths Coal Chamber, and most recently Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders.

In becoming an articulate voice for the culture, naturally Garza had to make some mood music to go along with the launch of the project. What serves as the turbo-charged theme for the podcast is now being release as a full-fledged single with that track, "Can't Get Out". To make the release official, Garza tapped Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films topic together a killer music video that showcases pure energy in performance footage, as Garza rips through the instrumental.

The guitarist turned podcast host gushed about the release, "Can't Get Out" is the intro theme song to The Garza Podcast. I'm stoked you get to hear the whole tune! Thank you to everyone that has been listening and watching. I really appreciate it."

Stream the KNOTFEST premiere of Chris Garza's "Can't Get Out" below. The Garza Podcast is available to stream via preferred DSP and via Youtube.
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