Concrete Dream take aim at keyboard warriors with "Twitter Fingers"

Concrete Dream take aim at keyboard warriors with "Twitter Fingers"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Jersey trap metal prospects issue an emphatic warning with their latest single on Suburban Noize Records.

For Jersey trap metal aggressors Concrete Dream, the name of the game is simple - authenticity. The result of an artistic amalgam, nurtured by the thriving subcultures that spanned from hardcore to hip hop, metal to punk, Concrete Dream's Jersey roots and New York proximity created an important foundation for the band early on.

Roping in the myriad of influences into their own concoction of confrontational angst and stylized fervor, the band first gained their footing in 2019 with their full length foray into trap metal with their potent self-titled debut. The indie release was enough to gain the attention of New York hardcore legend Lord Ezec (Crown of Thornz, Skarhead, Danny Diablo). Proving to be an important ally, Ezec would parlay the union into a deal with counter culture purveyor Suburban Noize Records, home of disruptors like the skyrocketing Dropout Kings.

Working with Ice Nine Kills guitarist and emerging producer Ricky Armellino and Billy Grazdiel of Biohazard, the band has since delivered a tandem of singles that best showcase their brand of bass-rumbling bravado - earning a devoted base of believers along the way. Tracks like "Called Out" showcase a skilled mesh of influences that pay homage rather than parody - positioning Concrete Dream as a unit set to dominate.

For the band's latest preview of their next chapter on Sub Noize, "Twitter Fingers" underscores the value the band emphasizes in always keeping it a buck - both personally and professionally. The band's frontman Jeremiah Mayhem explains, "In the day and age where social media has consumed the masses, I feel people have lost touch with reality. The song 'Twitter Fingers' is a direct shot at that. People feel a certain way when they are typing behind their screens, and when they're met with confrontation in real life they do not know how to handle it. That's why it is my job as an artist to speak towards the anxieties of society and to confront them with reality. The world is so small, you never know who you might bump into. You have to be careful what you say on the internet."

Taking aim at keyboard warriors and naysayers, Concrete Dream are out to remind you how Jersey puts on for heavy music. Stream the Knotfest premiere of "Twitter Fingers" available via Suburban Noize Records below.

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