Death Metal Outfit Detherous Unleash Gore-Filled, Age-Restricted New Video For "Reek of the Decayed"

Death Metal Outfit Detherous Unleash Gore-Filled, Age-Restricted New Video For "Reek of the Decayed"

- By Corinne Westbrook

Experience the brutality ahead of the band's release of their second full length, 'Unrelenting Malevolence'.

Canadian death metal outfit Detherous is on the cusp of their sophomore full-length Unrelenting Malevolence and there couldn't be a better name for their upcoming opus. Blood splattered, rage fill, riff city, Detherous capture the violence and gore of good, old-school death metal. Today they have revealed their latest single and video, "Reek of the Decayed".

The band expounds on the viscera filled affair: "Clocking in at 5:44, Reek of Decayed is the longest song we have written and released at this point. We wanted this song to be super intense and to never let up. This video was a lot of fun to make with Site B productions Team. We love cheesy ‘ol gore films so we thought we would make our own as best as we could and we are pleased with the final result. From making latex molds, using way too much fake blood, and re-shooting the throat slitting scene at least 5 times, it was the best experience we could have asked for. The biggest bonus was that we got a ton of our friends involved and that made the process even more enjoyable. And to add to the brutality, we got Chris Monroy from Skeletal Remains to help out with some backings that came out insane!"

Embracing the new wave of old-school death metal, Detherous doesn't shy away from the absurdity and dark humor of the genre, while keeping their composition fierce and tight. Detherous' sophomore album, Unrelenting Malevolence, releases Friday November 11th via Redefining Darkness. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

  1. Interminable Mutilation
  2. Suspended in Agony
  3. Gruesome Tools of Torture
  4. Encased in Gore
  5. Wretched Formations of Flesh
  6. Reek of the Decayed
  7. Erosion of Reality
  8. Tormented by the Dead
  9. Cataclysmic Devastation

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