Deathcore crew Paleface unveil cathartic new visual for their audio assault, "Lights Out"

Deathcore crew Paleface unveil cathartic new visual for their audio assault, "Lights Out"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Swiss prospects revisits one of their most volatile tracks from their 2020 full length, 'Chapter 3: The Last Selection’

The current resurgence of deathcore is in an especially healthy state. That fact is best exemplified with the kind of ferocity on display from Swiss devastators, Paleface.

In the band's short, yet prolific lifespan thus far, the crew of vocalist Marc Zellweger and drummer Colin Hammond, linked with guitarist Yannick Lehmann and bassist Tommy-Lee Abt to assemble a hit squad intent on crafting pure audio drubbings - a beatdown band complete with songwriting dynamics that would far exceed the creative confines of the category.

In 2018, the band debuted with ‘Chapter 1: From The Gallows’ and quickly established their footing. Just a short later, Paleface reasserted their rank with the ‘Chapter 2: Witch King’. Propelled by the strength of violent selections like "No Mercy At All," the Swiss quartet showcased a prowess that proved nothing short of pulverizing.

Channeling that momentum, the band completed their terrorizing trilogy with the final installment in their succession of releases, 'Chapter 3: The Last Selection’. Bangers like "Curse Us" and "The Rats" immediately went for the jugular and resonated with a growing base of supporters that helped the band surpass some 3 million streams and counting -spanning the totality of their crippling catalog.

Revisiting the butte strength of 'Chapter 3: The Last Selection,’ Paleface have unveiled a brand new visual for one of the album's most enduing tracks in "Lights Out". Asserting their stylized brand of volatility, the bone-crunching guitars and the vocal venom of Marc Zellweger are accented by a sleek visual that frames the kind of combustion packaged in every Paleface track.

The band shared of their most recent video. “We wanted this video to be as beautiful and as aggressive as possible. Letting all the anger out is such a beautiful thing, especially in desperate times like these.”

Watch the Knotfest premiere of the music video for "Lights Out" from Swiss deathcore prospects, Paleface.

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