Destruction in the Desert: Dropout Kings premiere their latest "PitUp"

Destruction in the Desert: Dropout Kings premiere their latest "PitUp"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Arizona trap metal upstarts share another banger from their GlitchGang EP and prepare to hit the road with the OGs in (HED) P.E. for a summer tour.

Emerging Arizona trap metal outfit Dropout Kings have been on a tear deposit a stagnant 2020. Seizing the opportunity to engage with a captive audience, the band unleashed their GlitchGang EP and on strength of a succession of consistent singles, the band has managed to gain steam.

The introduction of the project was bolstered by cuts like "I Ain't Depressed" featuring their UK contemporaries in Hacktivist. Shortly thereafter, the band revealed the anthemic "Virus" which boasted a guest spot from Shayley Bourget of Dayshell. An impressive meld of aggressive instrumentation, fluid wordplay and big choruses provided a stylistic signature that has propelled Dropout Kings into the conversation of artists on the rise.

The latest from the GlitchGang EP serves as the project's uncompromising introduction in the lead track, "PitUp". A love letter to the catharsis and the truly unique rush of letting loose on the floor, the band's Adam Ramey discussed how during this extended time of isolation, smashing into strangers in the pit is needed now more than ever.

"The song 'PitUp' is about everything in the world being fucked up and everyone being fucked up in some way but going to concerts and getting in the pit can alleviate some of the problems that you have, even if it's a temporary release for the night. We wanted that to be the spirit and driving force of the track and we basically wrote it as a big pit anthem for everybody to go nuts to."

Enlisting Dylan Toon from Under Society to capture the primal kind of purge that happens in the pit, the visual for track is as charged as the track. Skipping the strategy and the veiled messaging, "PitUp" cuts to the core of aggressive music to tap into the release that comes from it.

The single arrives as the band is preparing to embark on a summer trek with their labelmates and predecessors in (HED) P.E. The Sandmine Summer Tour will see the generational pairing criss-cross the United States and rest assured... the pit will not be socially distanced.

Check the Knotfest premiere of "PitUp" from Suburban Noize recoding artists, Dropout Kings.

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