Differences mount the charge for California 'whatevercore' with the banger, "Body"

Differences mount the charge for California 'whatevercore' with the banger, "Body"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The explosive single showcases a meld of styles that source the best from various subgenres.

Enduring a slew of personnel changes and the requisite rigors of being a core-centric band in a saturated market like SoCal, Differences has persevered. Existing in various iterations for the nearly a decade, the band's commitment to their craft is evident on their latest single - one that emphasizes an important message regarding personal boundaries of the fundamental concept of consent.

The band explain, "We wrote 'body' at a time when a friend of ours betrayed all our trust. It was a moment where we thought we had been clear to everyone around us that our bodies are our own, but it seemed we missed the mark. When we wrote the lyrics we wanted to make it absolutely and undeniably clear that you should only ever put your hands on someone intimately with their consent, and as time moves forward it proves true and true again that some people genuinely do not care about consent. My body is my own; there's a force to be reckoned with if you don’t understand that."


A fusion of hardcore sensibilities and metalcore execution, Differences function as a product of the hotbed of SoCal's aggressive music movement. The meld that disregards the conventional is something the band have appropriately coined, whatevercore, sourcing various components to craft a well-rounded aresenal of heft. Powerful percussion, high octane fretwork and a fiery vocal delivery make for single in "Body" that is impactful both in style and substance.

The track marks the resurfacing of the band, debuting the first offering of new recorded material in some time. Remaining active as a regional prospect, the band continues to refine their craft with an energized live set that underscores the emotion that fuels their sound and makes for a memorable experience both on stage and on record.

While the latest offering is the first in an extended amount of time, the track also suggest the recent movement is indicative of something more to come from the California collective.

"Body" from Differences is now available - HERE

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