Druid refine their blend of nu-metalcore with the Knotfest premiere of "DTHBLW"

Druid refine their blend of nu-metalcore with the Knotfest premiere of "DTHBLW"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the premiere from the Melbourne-based unit pushing a powerful meld of nu-metalcore that strikes swift and effective.

In the midst of what seems to be an obvious resurgence of nu-metal dynamism, Melbourne-based unit Druid are looking to make their mark with an especially potent brand of heft.

Boasting a tandem vocalist attack and a tinge of turn of the century era aggression, the band's sound is equal parts familiar and fresh in its fusion of nu-metalcore. Launching their campaign of heavy in 2018, the band quickly established their footing with the introductory EP, Semblance. Refining their craft in the subsequent years since, the band has emerged as a promising example of a new class of organized, caustic musical chaos.

Just last month, Druid revealed an impactful reintroduction of sorts with the single, "Room 44" which again articulated the band's uncompromising meld of the metallic layered heavily with melody. Forging the first chapter in a succession of singles ghat will comprise the band's full length debut slated for later this year in ‘The Beauty and The Decay,’ Druid's musical roadmap is both ambitious in scope and articulate in its delivery.

The latest offering from the forthcoming full length from Druid is the absolute pummel of the track, "DTHBLW". The continuation of the previous single "Room 44," the next chapter offers a compelling portal of the same character from the previous track attempt to escape his own personal demons whilst coming to grips with tragic loss. The band better details the narrative, " plays an integral part of the overarching story told throughout our upcoming album ‘The Beauty and The Decay’ as it’s the moment when our character comes to grips with the atrocities he has committed. Whilst exploring themes around depression and self loathing it’s also a commentary on how people will do what needs to be done to get ahead in life and that we’re all not that different from each other."

"DTHBLW" will be released on Friday May 28th on all digital stores and streaming platforms and can be accessed - HERE. Stream the KNOTFEST premiere of the latest from Druid below.

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