Dutch death metal crew Korpse depict real life horror on the third single from 'Insufferable Violence'

Dutch death metal crew Korpse depict real life horror on the third single from 'Insufferable Violence'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band's latest assault is a five-minute drubbing that aims to unveil the real predators that operate behind the disguise of the cloak.

With the impending release of their third full length album set for February 26th via Unique Leader Records, it would seem Dutch death metal horde Korpse have saved their most potent single for last.

Following the successful introduction of Insufferable Violence with the album's first two singles in the album's title track and the grizzly "Genocidal Bloodbath," the LP's thematic weight of actual atrocities and real life horror offers a complete presentation of death metal extremity.

Tapping the depravity of mankind, painting vividly grim scenes of death, destruction, and the aftermath of it all, Korpse need look no further than the pages of history to find the kind of unspeakable evil that is far worse than any monster that can be made up.

For the band's third and final single release ahead of the arrival of Insufferable Violence, Korpse have directed their assault at the church in an aim to unveil the predators that have committed horrendous acts of abuse under the guise of the cloak. "Molestation Condonation" is a five-minute drubbing that checks off all of death metal's stylistic requisites, coupled with the kind of genuine animosity that makes the music purely visceral.

Korpse's drummer Marten van Kruijssen explains significance of the track. "We proudly present you our 3rd song of our upcoming album Insufferable Violence. It’s titled 'Molestation Condonation’ and it’s about yet another attempt by the catholic church to cover up numerous sex abuse cases by their priests with pre teen boys and girls. We did our absolute best to capture our anger on this topic in the official music video accompanying the track. Let’s make sure this doesn’t go unheard!"

While the band's undeniable prowess as musicians has been on full display throughout the single rollout for the album, there is room to suggest that the urgency at the root of this latest offering creates an added charge. The blast beats, the breakdowns, the guitar squeals, and the throat rattling, gut-rumbling growl that comprise "Molestation Condonation" have an added element of conviction and proper anger that permeate throughout the execution of the track.

Stream the premiere of the latest from Korpse below. Insufferable Violence arrives February 26th via Unique Leader Records. Pre-orders can be made - HERE

2. Insufferable Violence
3. Disposable Underaged Objects
4. Self Preservation
5. A Final Lesson
6. Genocidal Bloodbath
7. Callousness
8. Vital Transaction
9. Molestation Condonation
10. Epochs of Melancholy
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