Ethereal doom outfit Frayle premieres haunting new single, "Bright Eyes"

Ethereal doom outfit Frayle premieres haunting new single, "Bright Eyes"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track lands as the third preview from the forthcoming sophomore release 'Skin & Sorrow' due out September 23rd via Aqualamb Records.

Currently riding the cusp of a breakout year, emerging doom outliers Frayle have made significant strides since the band's stirring 2020 introduction. Embracing a unique balance of doom that encapsulates an element of the harmonious and the hulking, the band's pedigree spans sophisticated stylistic spectrum - adapting inspirational cues that range from Sleep to Portishead, from Black Sabbath to Bjork.

Fresh of their recent campaign on Cradle of Filth’s “Existence Is Futile” headlining tour, Frayle asserted their live prowess and performative command, executing their mesmerizing brand of goth-tinged heft while previewing selections from their forthcoming sophomore release, Skin & Sorrow.

Skin & Sorrow by Frayle

Further reiterating the mesh of eerie elegance that has become the band's signature, previously released singles including the title track “Skin & Sorrow” and “Treacle & Revenge” underscores the healthy synergy that exists among the project's principle players, Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky. Anchored by Strang's often heartbreaking, harrowing vocal harmony is countered by Bilovecky's metallic blare - the kind of lumbering guitar riffage that layers with suffocating heft.

For the band's most recent showing from their September 23rd full length, Frayle double down on their dynamic duality with the track "Bright Eyes" - a cut that again establishes the band's skilled balance of muscle and melody. Paired with a powerful message of personal turmoil and how we tend to navigate grief, the single is coupled with an ambitious arthouse visual that saw the band trek to the hallowed grounds of Salem, Massachusetts to complete their overarching vision.

Frontwoman Gwyn Strang explains, “'Bright Eyes' is about the facade we wear when we’re going through something heavy. Sometimes we’ll mask what we’re going through so that everyone around us feels comfortable or doesn’t ask us to show and share our vulnerabilities.The imagery of a female 'goth' roller skating past the house that was once lived in by a judge that was personally responsible for the executions during the Salem Witch Trials is powerful to us.”

Frayle is set to trek in support of their second full length with a stretch of Fall European dates that include appearances at UK’s Damnation Festival and Germany’s Gloomaar Festival - preceded by a domestic play on September 9th at Post Fest under Japanese extreme music pillars, Boris. Tickets available - HERE

Skin & Sorrow lands on September 23rd via Aqualamb Records. The album is available for pre-order - HERE. Stream the Knotfest premiere of "Bright Eyes" from Frayle below.
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