Exist Immortal drops anthemic single of self-discovery in "Gold"

Exist Immortal drops anthemic single of self-discovery in "Gold"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The UK Progressive Metal prospects deliver a final glimpse ahead of the release of their forthcoming Seek & Strike EP, 'Act Two - Gold'

Ahead of their March 19th release of second installment of their ambitious EP trilogy with Act Two - Gold, UK progressives Exist Immortal have unveiled a mammoth new video for title track, "Gold".

Delving into themes of self-discovery, introspection, and eventual empowerment, the track's message of catharsis works well in augmenting the arrangement - bolstered by massive vocals, succinct string work, and precision percussion. The band's brand of refined aggression is a brilliant showing of both skill and style.

Exist Immortal vocalist Meyrick de la Fuente explains the inspiration behind the cut. “‘Gold,' is about figuring out how to find value in yourself and others in a way that allows you to improve your corner of the world. This includes learning how to remove people and habits from your life that cause you trauma and pain, which can often seem like an insurmountable task that makes you feel trapped. ‘Gold' lyrically represents the internal struggle that happens in these moments, while it musically represents the feelings of catharsis that often follow these times of intense internal dilemma and struggle.

The band's frontman further elaborated on the visual. "The video brings out the experience of feeling not fully grounded, even while at home, struggling to cope with realities that present themselves to you. We wanted to do something totally different and not performance based for this video while representing our home town of London. We were presented with a unique opportunity of filming in London while completely empty (for obvious reasons), so it seemed perfect for this song about internal struggles in familiar places.

The track culminates the lead-up to the band's second of three EPs in the 'Act' series. Following the first edition in Act One - Rebirth, Act Two - Gold, functions as the progression of a narrative that is as well thought out as the band's instrumentation. "The EP trilogy came about because we wanted to do something that explores the stages of pushing through internal struggles. Act One - Rebirth is about coming to terms with missed opportunities and letting the past go. Act Two - Gold is about assessing what needs to be done in moments of clarity while coming through difficult times. It's a more positive offering than Act One and continues the musical development. We hope people will get some sense of inspiration, or get some kind of renewed positivity from this."

Championing poignant messaging while crafting dynamic instrumentation, Exist Immortal shines as a example of the genre's thriving overall health. Harnessing a unique brand of calculated catharsis on the track, this is what a band in full creative stride looks and sounds like.

'Act 2 - Gold' from Exist Immortal is available via Seek & Strike March 19th. Save the EP - HERE. Watch the premiere of the band's latest visual 'Gold" below.


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3. Gold

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