Grim hardcore specialist Bailer set it off with a new visual for "There Is A Love That Remains"

Grim hardcore specialist Bailer set it off with a new visual for "There Is A Love That Remains"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The incendiary track is fourth single from the Irish hardcore crew's long-awaited debut album Disposable Youth, set to arrive on November 12th via Blood Blast Distribution.

Among Ireland's most promising new prospects, hardcore purveyors Bailer have been on a tear leading into their November 12th full length debut, Disposable Youth.

The latest in the arsenal of audio artillery, the band's most recent single "There Is A Love That Remains" delivers the same unhinged assault as previous singles in "Bastard Son," "Cruel Master," and "Gateway Drug" and doubles down on the band's brand of searing aggression.

The band has been steadily amassing a following since their 2016 arrival, making an emphatic introduction with a string of noteworthy EPs starting with 2016’s Shaped By The Landscape. The following year the band dropped their PTSD EP and seemingly hit full stride with their 2018 self-titled release. By that time, Bailer was well on their way as a proper touring outfit, extending their reach well beyond their home of Ireland.

Faced with the same stark reality as the rest of the world, the band's progress was halted when the pandemic hit, but the band managed to make the most of their time away from the road by getting to work on their long-awaited debut full length album.

Recrutiing Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House in Southampton, Disposable Youth is a personal exploration of nihilism and manic depression - an all too familiar theme coming out of such a time of separation and sequester.

Going traditional, the band wrote 100% of the material in a room together - no remote work or file sharing. During an era when bands perfected remote working, the transition to a more conventional means of writing and recording results in a collection of tracks that are as obviously potent as they are powerful - no doubt a testament to sweating it out collectively in a room.

Specifically on "There Is A Love That Remains," Bailer manages to compose a hardcore track that boasts all the requisite brutality, while still showcasing their ability to craft a dynamic heavy song. This isn't a repetitive pummel, it's a swift combination, delivered with a sense of urgency.

Vocalist Alex O'Leary explains the personal fuel that results in such an incendiary show of force, "'There Is A Love That Remains' covers a lot of stuff at the same time for me personally, but the ultimate message/lesson is make the most of the time you get with the ones you love. You never know when it might be the last time."

Bailer's long-awaited debut Disposable Youth arrives November 12th via Blood Blast Distribution. Stream the visual for "There Is A Love That Remains" below.
Disposable Youth Tracklisting
1. Blackout
2. Bastard Son
3. Out Of Frame
4. Cruel Master
5. Strung Out
6. Scourge
7. Gateway Drug
8. No Apologies
9. There Is Love That Remains
10. Fester

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