Heavy Haul: Metallic hardcore crew Capra report from the road

Heavy Haul: Metallic hardcore crew Capra report from the road

- By Ramon Gonzales

Touring in support of their recent LP, In Transmission, the band share the sincerity of Southern hospitality and the health of heavy music.

In an effort to better capture the rhythm of life on the road, Knotfest.com is providing a unique platform for artists to share their insights and observations as they commute between various tour stops.

More than a behind-the-scenes look at the show, the series of entries offers a true testimonial of what the rigors of the road can be and the kind of pay off that happens when the band finally steps onstage.

From local openers and late night drives and to shitty catering and truck stop cuisine, there is a more grit than glamour that is often overlooked when it comes to spending days and weeks at a time in a caravan. Yet as the world gets back to a place when stages have come alive again after such a frightening stretch of silence, the concept of a tour log seems as vital and intriguing as ever.

For the inaugural entry, the metallic hardcore amalgam of Capra have submitted their first assessment of what tour life has been like as they trek across the county in support of their debut Blacklight Media release, In Transmission. Earning unanimous praise upon its April 2021 release, the band's fiery meld of punk ethos and metal heft results in a sound that translates best when experienced live.


Among the first dispatches from Capra include an evaluation of the South's appetite for heavy music and the kind of receptive crowds that seem especially eager to get back the business of slamming into one another for a bit of respite and release. From the health of the local scene to the sincerity of Southern hospitality the band has encountered, here is the rundown of the first stretch of Capra's return to the road.

Photo by Capra

Hello from Charleston, SC! We are a few shows into our tour and it's been so incredible so far, we've really missed this feeling and are stoked to be back at it.

We kicked things off last Thursday in Baton Rouge with Portrayal of Guilt, and the shows have been wild night after night. I'd have to say New Orleans has been our best show so far, it sold out before 11pm. New Orleans has always been good to us but this show felt different. The pit was insane, people were screaming the lyrics, and you can tell everyone really missed live shows.

Photo by Nat Lacuna - @newjunkaesthetic

As far as bad shows go, we haven't had one even close to disappointing. Some of the bands on these shows have blown our minds. There's some serious talent in the south that gets overlooked occasionally, and we've already encountered some hard-working musicians that just own the stage.

Photo by Nat Lacuna - @newjunkaesthetic

Torture Garden (New Orleans), Apostle (Atlanta), and The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir (Jacksonville) have been a few favorites. The people we've met and hung out with along the way have been super hospitable and will forever be some of our favorite people.

Shout out to Nat Lacuna for being the one of the most genuine people with the coolest house we've ever seen. We stopped at a diner last night called Early Bird in Charleston, South Carolina and it takes the cake for best food so far. We have a day off today and then we're making the trek to Richmond, Virginia. See you soon.

Photo by Nat Lacuna - @newjunkaesthetic

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