(Hed)P.E. push their brand of G-Punk with a genre-melding new single "Hurricane"

(Hed)P.E. push their brand of G-Punk with a genre-melding new single "Hurricane"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The genre smashing vets unleash their latest full length effort, Califas Worldwide, with an intense new visual directed by auteur Gabriel Carrer.

For more than two decades, the Southern California crew of (Hed)p.e. has been challenging conventional genre lines with their stylized meld of punk, metal, hip-hop and even some elements of reggae.

On the band's latest effort, Califas Worldwide, the band embraces their rank as alternative music's outlier and proudly showcases their regional identity to bolster their dynamic, diverse sound.

Enlisting renowned artist Jim "TAZ" Evans to helm the album's especially important aesthetic - Evans, we has produced work for the likes of Neil Young, The Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Pixies to name a few, helped to create a visual compliment to the band's regional roots in a way that pairs perfectly with the music.

Bolstered by guest appearances from musical luminaries like Angelo Moore and Norwood of Fishbone, HR of Bad Brains, and Peter Distefano of Porno for Pyros, Califas Worldwide showcases a unique amalgam of styles that could run the potential of stark contrast, yet mesh magically when executed by (Hed)p.e.

To mark the release of the band's latest studio effort, the single "Hurricane" serves well in typifying the kind of diversity that permeates throughout the album. A collaborative joint with UK emerging artist Sad Silence, the musical meld hones elements of EDM, menacing guitars and fluid wordplay to concoct a track that is as dark as it is dynamic.

Frontman and band architect Jared Gomes shared, "This track 'Hurricane' was sent to me from Portsmouth, United Kingdom by some artists called Sad Silence. I was excited to smash the vocals because the music is dirty and heavy; combining metal and elements of EDM and dubstep. Then this video is just as brutal as the audio! I love the video because it really gives visuals to exactly what the song is communicating. Grinding in the face of all odds."

To craft a video as equally compelling for the track, the band enlisted the vision of director (and longtime (Hed)p.e. fan) Gabriel Carrer to assemble the right footage to compliment the single. Inspired by the sinister, brooding pulse of the track, Carrer saw parallels between the music and his ultra-violent vigilante film, The Demolisher and sought to bring the two together in a way that made sense.

Carrer explains his history with the band, "Since I was a kid, my tastes have always been rooted in punk rock, metal and horror movies. I’ve been a fan of Hed pe since day one. In 2009, after a few relentless emails to the band and label (Suburban Noize Records) owner Kevin Zinger, they took a chance and we produced the "Renegade" video in the back of the Suburban Noize Parking lot in Los Angeles. It was shot and edited all in one day. They were humble, super rad guys."

The director added how the band's new music resonated with him, "Skip forward 13 years and after directing a few feature films, Kevin Zinger and I were catching up on the phone and he told me about the new Califas Worldwide album. When I finally heard it, the song “Hurricane” was the perfect soundtrack to a vigilante action I did called “The Demolisher”. The song Hurricane felt like the movie and has this relentless heavy end that just keeps pushing forward. It’s violent and brooding. I wanted to capture the aggression of the song. The Demolisher was a perfect vessel for that, and it plays out like a short film for the track. Working on this project everything came back around full circle for me as a fan of the band and a film director."

The relentless cadence of the track, combined with the visual narrative of the protagonist hellbent on destruction and retaliation makes for a clip that pairs all too well - the kind of creative marriage that provides the ideal soundtrack for revenge in all its brutality.

Califas Worldwide is now available via Suburban Noize Records - HERE. (Hed) P.E will join Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, and Evolution Empire on the Brothers in Arms Tour kicking off in March of 2022. A complete list of dates can be found below.

Stream the Knotfest premiere of "Hurricane" from (Hed) P.E. featuring Sad Silence below.

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