Hoaxed, Cloud Rat, Ludovico Technique & More Voted Top Tracks of the Week on Pulse of the Maggots

Hoaxed, Cloud Rat, Ludovico Technique & More Voted Top Tracks of the Week on Pulse of the Maggots

- By Corinne Westbrook

Here are your picks of the week from the Pulse of the Maggots.

The Pulse of the Maggots live chat has spoken!

These are the top voted tracks from the Pulse of the Maggots stream. Be sure to join us every Monday from 2pm PT/ 5pm ET to 4pm PT / 7pm ET on the official Knotfest Twitch channel to listen to the most buzz-worthy underground, under-loved, or under-represented bands from around the world. Make your voice heard in the live chat and vote on the top tracks of the week! And be sure to follow the Pulse of the Maggots playlist for hours of underground awesomeness every week.


Ho99o9 - Bite My Face


For those sleeping on Ho99o9 it's time to stop. Ho99o9 play a sick blend of punk and hip hop that is the epitome of "I don't give a fuck!" It is an absolute blast to listen to and more of a blast live. Their stage presence was undeniable during Knotfest Roadshow earlier this year. People may have been spectators at the beginning of their set, but were fans by the end. Those at Aftershock will see exactly what I mean! Their latest album Skin is available HERE.

Cloud Rat - Corset


Progressive grindcore outfit Cloud Rat are barreling toward the release of their latest face-shreddingly fast full-length album, Threshold, due out on October 7th via Artoffact Records. Each track is may be straight to the point, but there is a lot to explore during their short duration. Intricate instrumentation and lyricism that is both heavy in content and delivery make Cloud Rat's work a diverse trip you'll want to take again and again. Pre-order your copy of Threshold HERE.

Blacklist - In Shadow Light


New York based coldwave outfit Blacklist bring a melancholic atmosphere that is dense and dark, incorporating elements of dark rock, shoegaze and coldwave. Very reminiscent of the first wave of goth music in the 80s, Blacklist create somber music with the emotional intensity of modern day. Their upcoming album, Afterworld, will be out on October 28th via Profound Lore. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

Ludovico Technique - Empty


Haunted People is the long-awaited album from goth metal outfit Ludovico Technique. The band has been slowly releasing singles over the past year and a half, saving the best for last! "Empty" is the essential track for kicking off the season when things turn dark and cold. Ben V.'s signature vocals, the infectious bassline, and captivating rhythm are the perfect draw into an album that is a complete exploration of sound and the very definition of "goth". Get your copy of Haunted People HERE.

Hoaxed - Guilty Ones


Is everybody ready for fall or is everybody ready for fall? Regardless, everybody in the chat was in a very goth mood. Portland based dark rock duo Hoaxed are gearing up for the release of their catchy and captivating debut album. Haunting vocals and primal rhythms, highlighted by subtle choral elements make "Guilty Ones" a track fit for dancing, or even simply swaying, around a bonfire. Get your copy of their debut album Two Shadows HERE.

Worm - Shadowside Kingdom


Crushing and mysterious, Worm is following up their 2021 breakthrough album Foreverglade with a new mini-album, Bluenothing. Bluenothing features two choice B-sides pulled from the Foreverglade recording sessions and two complimentary, yet stylistically different tracks that are crushing and frosty. Even in just 4 tracks, Worm touches on a variety of styles from death metal to black metal, to even more traditional heavy metal in the case of the opening of "Shadowside Kingdom." Get your copy of Bluenothing HERE.

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