In Fear unravel a dark, dismal tale of the afterlife with single, "Doom Sequence"

In Fear unravel a dark, dismal tale of the afterlife with single, "Doom Sequence"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The cut is the forth and final ahead of the full length debut, 'All Is. All Shall Be.'

Emerging Bristol, UK metal collective In Fear have debuted the fourth and final preview of their auspicious full length debut set to arrive May 5th via Year of the Rat Records.

Thus far, the band has revealed a harrowing narrative in the form of three previously pummeling tracks, "Abyss", "The Blinding White" and "All Is" all anchoring the overarching theme and musical prowess of the forthcoming album, All Is. All Shall Be.

For the most recent offering, In Fear showcase crushing guitars, thunderous percussion and the unhinged vocal delivery of Haydn Connolly to descend further into their abysmal tale of the afterlife on the gripping single, "Doom Sequence".

The band's guitarist Ryan Simmons explains, “This is the 4th and final single release from our debut album "All Is. All Shall Be." which follows a concept story throughout, linking each song to the previous. Thematically it focuses on a character who is trapped in purgatory trying desperately to reach the afterlife, but they are doomed to repeat the same torturous cycle of events.In ‘Doom Sequence’ the character is forced to repeatedly commit gruesome acts as a form of physical and emotional torture. At first they are tricked into believing they will be rewarded for these acts, but later it is revealed that they have been deceived and manipulated."

Simmons added that the tone of the track required the theme to go to an equally dark place, "The song is easily one of the most crushing, brutal songs from the album and we knew when writing it that the intensity of the song had to match what was happening to our character at this stage in their journey through purgatory.”

The arrival of All Is. All Shall Be affirms the initial hype the band built with their 2019 introduction of their Solace EP. On the strength of the first showing, In Fear corralled critical praise and has since amassed impressive streaming numbers online, all while cultivating a fervent fanbase loyal to the band's distinct brand of modern metalcore.

Along with the drop of the band's debut via Year of the Rat, In Fear have confirmed performances set for UK Tech Fest, Burn It Down Festival and Wounded Festival, further increasing their reach with the conviction of their potent live set.

All Is. All Shall Be. lands May 5th via Year of the Rat. Order the album - HERE

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