In Search of the Sun soundtrack the cannibal horror flick 'Feed Me' with "Contagious"

In Search of the Sun soundtrack the cannibal horror flick 'Feed Me' with "Contagious"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Led by co-director Adam Leader, the high-energy track is featured on the official soundtrack of the standout flick featured at Beyond Fest.

Among the feature films showcased at this year's Beyond Fest, the cannibal-themed tour de force in Feed Me is making it's mark in the space of modern horror. The film released by Dark Fable Media and XYZ Films was co-directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes.

The duo's previous joint projects include 2020’s shocking Christmas story Hosts. A truly unnerving piece of cinema, the film quickly struck a chord among genre enthusiasts for it's often times upsetting and jaw-dropping on-screen moments.

As for their latest joint venture, Feed Me follows a man named Jed (Christopher Mulvin) whose life is shattered when his wife (Samantha Loxley) suddenly dies. Spiraling into an abyss of depression, Jed finds himself in a bar with deranged cannibal, Lionel Flack (Neal Ward, in a truly star-making performance) who convinces him he can redeem himself through the glorious act of allowing himself to be slowly eaten to death.

Speaking to the ethos of the film, co-directors Leader and Oakes shared, “As a product of our combined personalities as a filmmaker duo, it’s an example of what we feel we do best – layering bizarre, batshit-crazy horror with a generous dusting of comedy on a dramatic story of grief, heartache and self-loathing. From the moment of its inception, we wanted to tell the story without holding back due to the worry of what others might think. Its running themes and distinguished nature somewhat personally echo aspects of our own style as a filmmaking duo. We’re so excited to unleash ‘Feed Me’ upon the world and showcase a style of cinema that we can’t wait to carry on producing for many years to come!”

Asserting his creative range in all aspects of the film's execution, Adam Leader not only serves as the film's co-director, but also fronts the London-based rock outfit, In Search of the Sun. Tasked with crafting a pulse-pounding track that compliments the thrill of the film, "Contagious" showcases the band's unique brand of approachable aggression balanced with energized eccentricity.

Since their inception a decade ago, In Search of the Sun has struck a chord with a passionate fanbase rallied a pair of effective full length efforts in 2014's The World Is Yours and 2017's Virgin Funk Mother - a project mixed by Periphery's Adam Nolly Getgood. The latest effort asserts the progressive prospects' evolved prowess as rock music's wild card - crafting high octane headbangers that mesh well with the modern era of stylized horror.

Stream the premiere of "Contagious"from In Search of the Sun below.

Feed Me is now available via XYZ films.

Stream the Knotfest Screen Crusades feature with co-directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes with host Ryan J. Downey below.
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