Jax Diaries delivers rousing rock with the premiere of "When I Turn I See The Future"

Jax Diaries delivers rousing rock with the premiere of "When I Turn I See The Future"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The emerging Italian prospects deliver cinema quality visuals for their latest hard rock anthem.

Italian export Jax Diaries are back with the next installment of their compelling rock heavy narrative with the video for “When I Turn I See The Future.”

Jax Diaries first made an emphatic mark in the sphere of aggressive alt rock with their 2019 single, “Shine On”. The single immediately propelled the band into the conversation of the genre’s emerging class until tragedy struck the collective.

Founding brother Jaxon Pezzi war nearly killed in a motorcycle accident that that left the future of the band uncertain. Pezzi would show his resilience however, making a full recovery and rejoining his brother and band mate Andrew Pezzi to begin work on what would be the band’s debut LP, ‘Riverside Motel’.

In September of 2020, the band reintroduced themselves properly with the electric, “Came Down To Say Hi” featuring DD Lacuna of Lacuna Coil. The music video has since racked up more than 106K views. Their follow-up single “Fury Roads (Boom Boom)” managed to surpass the introductory single with over 140K views since its release in November of 2020.

Debuting ‘Riverside Motel’ earlier this month, the band rolls on with their outlaw esthetic and cinematic narrative. The band’s latest, “When I Turn I See the Future” continues the storyline established in the previous singles and further develops the a LB ambitious effort of scope and sound.

Jax Diaries collectively offered the following explanation of the cut. "Existing between the past and future, we never seem to live in the present. When two opposing sides clash, the battle begins and then ends. There is noise, there is exertion, but no one wins. All that’s left is the silence, absolute zero."

Watch the Knotfest premiere of “When I Turn I See the Future” from Jax Diaries below.


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