Kat Moss of Scowl teams with emerging hardcore crew End Game on dominant single "Devil In Disguise"

Kat Moss of Scowl teams with emerging hardcore crew End Game on dominant single "Devil In Disguise"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Canadian prospects return with a DIY-shot visual that captures the raw power of the band brandishing heft and hostility.

Canadian hardcore export End Game have only needed a short amount of time and relatively concise catalog of music to establish a no bulshit kind of reputation within their space. The band's Demo 2020 was a five-song wrecking ball that earned comparisons to the likes of Power Trip and Trapped Under Ice, while flossing it's own stylistic stampede (Them Calgary boys better get that reference).

Come 2021, the band would again resurface, this time with a three-song joint effort with ATL's Living In Fear. Flexing bolstered guitars and the members' individual thrash pedigree, End Game's steamroll into crossover meant connecting with fans in both the hardcore and metal circles in a very real way.

Tapping into the same intensity that propelled such a fresh collective into the conversation of buzzworthy prospects, End Game are charging into 2022 with an audio ass-whoopin' of a single in their latest, “Devil in Disguise”. Teaming with Scowl vocalist Kat Moss the band's brute force and antagonistic venom resonate in a single that functions as pure release.

As for the hostility at the core of the track, the band reveals the source material to be “about people who are quick to stab you in the back, and locking them away, sealing their fate to never harm you again.” That kind of adversarial stance translates into a nearly 3-minute melee guaranteed to fire up any and every floor playing host to the band's live iteration.

Coupled with a very DIY visual that highlights the no barricade, skate bowl environment synonymous with sound, End Game carries on the lineage of outfits like No Warning and Comeback Kid with a blue-collar, bareknuckle bravado that channels the ethos of hardcore with authenticity, accuracy, and aggression.

Check the Knotfest premiere of "Devil In Disguise" from End Game featuring Scowl lead, Kat Moss and plenty of well-placed cans of Liquid Death Mountain Water. Stream the video below.

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