Kill the Imposter combat betrayal with beatdown on the track "Enemy"

Kill the Imposter combat betrayal with beatdown on the track "Enemy"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Orlando deathcore crew lead by Johnny Nobody of the series Beyond the Tattoo preview their 2023 Suburban Noize Records LP, 'The Pain Never Dies' with a chincheck of a second single.

As frontmen go, Johnny Nobody is an especially intimidating figure, on or off the mic. As a respected name and contributor in the greater culture of tattooing and art, he heads the Thirty Six Black Art Collective out of Orlando, FL and left his mark on many people from all walks, with his signature tattoo style. His reputation in the space of tattooing has garnered him widespread recognition, earning him a place on the Amazon Prime series, Beyond the Tattoo.

Nobody asserts his versatility as an artist, putting down the machine and picking up the microphone as the lead of modern deathcore crew, Kill the Imposter. Tapping into the rich Floridian legacy of musical brutality, Kill the Imposter follows in the lineage of legends like Obituary and Deicide in exploring the extreme end of the stylistic spectrum. Crafting a meld that meshes accents of old school death metal with a modern take on deathcore, woven with the confrontation of early beatdown hardcore, Kill the Imposter navigates the nuance of heavy music with authenticity.

Finding an ally in the world of counter culture in Suburban Noize Records, Kill the Imposter are set to kick a hole in the space of heavy music with the February 2023 arrival of their full length studio release, The Pain Never Dies. A caustic concoction of brutality that vacillates from blast beats to beatdown, the weight of the album sources real life trauma in what amounts to a cathartic purge that functions like a knockout punch.

On the latest single, "Enemy", Johnny Nobody depicts all the all too familiar scenario of being blindsided by betrayal and the aftermath that stems from being skeptical of someone that used to be friend, now turned foe. Nobody explains, "Establishing the feeling of hurt, betrayal and hate, we put a real old school hardcore tough guy feel to it. As the song list goes, that feeling and thoughts of what this person's actions brought starts you thinking about something out of a horror movie."

Nobody seemingly adds real life context to the track, "Dealing with betrayal from a person you once trusted is a hurt you can’t come back from. You have to learn from pain or you can never get better .. the pain will never die .. but you can only get stronger. Watching people I care or cared about act like they didn’t see a mutual friend do some dirty shit and stayed ok with that person hits a nerve like a toothache."

Nobody finishes, "The title “Enemy” comes from not knowing who your enemy is. Understanding that humanity has its flaws and understanding empathy yet getting shit on after giving the benefit of the doubt. Fuck with one of us you fuck with all of us."

The Pain Never Dies lands February 17th, 2023 via Suburban Noize Records. Pre-order the album - HERE. Watch the Knotfest premiere of "Enemy" from Kill the Imposter below.

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