Kingsmen pay homage to Metallica with a faithful cover of the classic "Sad But True"

Kingsmen pay homage to Metallica with a faithful cover of the classic "Sad But True"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Watch the Rhode Island outfit tip their hat to the masters in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Metallica's landmark Black Album.

Despite the stagnant pace of an uncertain 2020, Rhode Island's purveyors of heavy in Kingsmen managed to make some noise during a time when most of the world fell silent. The band's 2020 SharpTone Records debut in Revenge. Forgiveness, Recovery propelled the outfit into the conversation of emerging prospects within the genre and served well in putting the RI on the map when it comes to aggressive music.

Bolstered by the strength of the album's caustic singles including "Nightmare," "Waste Away," "World On Fire," and the chilling "Until I've Departed" (which premiered via KNOTFEST), the album's heft and catharsis reiterated the band's resilience - turning a release that almost didn't happen into an absolute triumph. Balancing personal turmoil during the writing and recording process of the album, the band was nearing a breaking point - but rather than retreat, Kingsmen found a new focus, channeled their trauma and resurfaced with a stellar debut album to show for it.

Since the April 2020 debut, Kingsmen have allowed the album to marinate with the greater community of metal. During that time, the band has cemented plans to showcase the live translation of the album's horse power. Later this fall, Kingsmen will embark on a tour supporting Volumes on a 27-date trek that will see the band criss-cross the United States. The run will serve as the band's first national run since the release of their emphatic full length introduction.

Maintaining an active pace, Kingsmen aren't just waiting around for the road to come calling. Rather, the band have Ince again found their respite in the studio writing and recording music. This time, the band wanted to showcase their metal pedigree and pay homage to one of their most prevalent musical muses. The result was a faithful, reverent rendition of "Sad But True" from Metallica's seminal Black Album. Kingsmen vocalist Tanner Guimond spoke about the decision to tackle such an iconic track.

"Metallica’s black album was monumental to our growth as musicians. Their presence as a band is unmatched, uplifting and inspiring. As an aggressive band, we decided it was best to honor them by recording a true to the roots cover of their heaviest track, "Sad But True". Everything from the equipment to the recording techniques are 'to a T' the same as Metallica did in 1991. We wanted to show patronage to them by covering the song in a similar way to how they recorded it… but with an extra aggressive edge."

In addition to showcasing the band's musical chops, the attention to detail results in a finished product that reiterates the band's metal IQ, pedigree of influences, and dedication to heavy culture as a whole. Not to mention, the cover rips. Watch Kingsmen tip their hat to the masters with their version of "Sad But True" in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Metallica's landmark Black Album.
"Sad But True" from Kingsmen is available to stream - HERE
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