Kingsmen Showcase Sinister New Video for Until I've Departed

Kingsmen Showcase Sinister New Video for Until I've Departed

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band's debut full length, 'Revenge, Forgiveness, Recovery' is out now on Sharptone Records

Rhode Island prospects Kingsmen have just debuted their most recent video for the single, "Until I've Departed." The visual is part of the bigger rollout for the band's full-length release, Revenge, Forgiveness, Recovery. The menacing interpretation of tyranny and helplessness seems all too applicable considering the current climate and makes for a compelling pairing to the band's stylishly savage sound.

In the months leading up to the drop date, the band unveiled a series of choice selections from the album including, "Waste Away," "World On Fire," and "Nightmare," giving the metal community a solid first impression of what Rhode Island was producing.

Working with producer Mark Lewis (Trivium, Whitechapel, Cannibal Corpse), the band's debut is an especially poignant victory. The record that is now a testament to their perseverance, almost never was. A succession of personal struggles and unfortunate events drove Kingsmen to nearly walk away from the project. Ironically, during the most turbulent of times, the band is now emerging on the other side of adversity with a proper record to show for it.

Frontman Tanner Guimond shared the importance of the release and what fans can expect to take away from, Revenge, Forgiveness, Recovery.

The narrative about the band is that the last few years have been particularly trying. How close did Kingmen come to calling it quits?

GUIMOND - There were many ups and downs while making this record. We faced a heavy amount of sickness, death and confusion. In the midst of our struggles we constantly debated whether making music was worth it. Eventually we reached a point of clarity that showed us making music was our perfect escape from the madness at hand. Luckily, this brought us closer together and we became more of a family through this. By writing this album we were able to share our pain, passion and progress by creating music that was a reflection of the mental and spiritual battles we experienced.

Given the long road thus far, how rewarding is it to see Revenge, Forgiveness, Recovery come to fruition?

GUIMOND - Words couldn’t describe the feeling. We’re happy to finally get it out into the world. Especially in a time where it appears the world needs a record that speaks on how to turn pain into progress.

The singles like "Waste Away," "World On Fire" and “Nightmare” all really evoke a sense of personal torment. It’s very heady stuff. How personal are these songs to you guys as a band?

GUIMOND - All of our songs are very personal to us. These three tracks in particular serve as a reminder. The lyrics are meant to make us relive and relearn the lessons taught to us during some of the most difficult moments of our lives. Sometimes once wounds heal, we forget what we’ve learned. We forget how to grow as people. Everyday can present a situation to an individual that reminds them of a past event. Sometimes we repeat our mistakes as a result of time letting those lessons fade away. Now, we’ve made some of our most important lessons eternal.

Outside of the internal struggles the band has faced, it’s a very strange time to release music. How important do you think a pissed off, cathartic record like this can be during times like these?

GUIMOND - We live in a very trying time that’s filled with confusion, doubt, hatred and passion. It’s important to remember that pain can create progress. Chaos can create beauty. Arguing can create resolve. It’s crucial that we believe in these ideas now, more than ever. We never planned on releasing a record that would be relevant in such a disturbingly real way. When the moment came to either pull the plug or give the go ahead on this release, we decided to push forward because we felt people might resonate with this. We can only hope that Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. will touch the hearts of those who need it.

Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery is available here via SHARPTONE RECORDS

Watch the video for "Until I've Departed" from KINGSMEN

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