Legendary tattooer Paul Booth teams with Eve Minor on the ethereal electronic track, "Poison"

Legendary tattooer Paul Booth teams with Eve Minor on the ethereal electronic track, "Poison"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The release previews the debut album from CorpseFlower, 'Shadows Remain' set to arrive on "Devil’s Night at the Witching Hour".

Acclaimed tattooer and industry icon Paul Booth has again teamed with frequent collaborator and kindred creative spirit Eve Minor to deliver a preview of their join project, CorpseFlower.

Set to release their debut album, Shadows Remain appropriately on Devil's Night at the Witching Hour, the latest single "Poison" showcases an equally dark, delicate entry that presents a sinister Shakespearean spin derived from a literary classic. Sourcing the volatility and compulsion that comes with intense love, the result is an eerie electronic submission accented by Minor's elegant vocal delivery that toes the line between the harmonic and haunting.

Minor spoke of the single “'Poison' plays on Romeo and Juliette with a murder suicide. Lyrically it touches on themes of obsessive love with a juxtaposition of brighter melodies. Contrasting with the dark synth pop vibe of the piece, the video showcases performance art which can be interpreted as satire; Paul and I dressed up for a big performance, our last.”

"Poison" showcases the second selection from Shadows Remain following the arrival of "Snakes" earlier this month. Asserting the duo's conceptual range and versatility, the track confronted weighty themes of corporate greed and capitalist propaganda over a steady electronic pulse - reiterating the duo's knack for creative contrast.

The tandem comprising of CorpseFlower first established their kinship as coconspirators back in 2018, establishing their experimental brand of electronica with the track, "Snuff Film". The duo would again join forces in 2020, releasing the appropriate "Fuck U" as a creative response to the instability that marred the year that sent normalcy into a tailspin. Further exploring their affinity for shadowy soundscapes, the pair's non-conformist approach works outside the boundaries of electronica - with singles like "Snakes" and "Poison" including in the duo's knack for melodic macabre.

Stream the Knotfest debut of "Poison" from Paul Booth and Eve Minor as CorpseFlower below. Get the debut album Shadows Remain - HERE

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