Lotus Eater unveil their highly-anticipated Oli Sykes-assisted banger "Obliterate"

Lotus Eater unveil their highly-anticipated Oli Sykes-assisted banger "Obliterate"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band's debut full length album 'Where The Body Goes' is set to arrive July 23rd via Hopeless Records.

Emerging Glasgow giants Lotus Eater have unveiled their highly-anticipated single christened by Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes with the an absolute haymaker in the aptly-titled, "Obliterate".

The collaboration is one that has long been in the making. The nexus between the two entities famously dates back to 2019 when Oli Sykes ushered in a new era of the quickly-ascending outfit by inviting the band onstage for a performance of ‘Antivist’ at All Points East Festival. The grand introduction was bolstered with the added cosign from Sykes, gushing that Lotus Eater was “A band making heavy music like it should be done.”

The buzzworthy moment not only propelled the band into the conversation of heavy music on a greater scale, but ultimately set into motion a eventual joint effort from the two creative powerhouses. While the band would earn a feature on the 'Music to listen to…’ mixtape later that same year, a more immersive effort was brewing and seemed a matter if when, not if.

As Lotus Eater stares down the barrel of their July 23rd Hopeless Records full-length debut in Where The Body Goes, the endorsement of Sykes arrives in the form of the colossal joint single that offers a robust snapshot of the current health of modern heavy music. Going well beyond championing the band, on "Obliterate," Sykes revels in the combustible energy at the core of the band in what results in a track that is pure pummel from start to finish.

Further detailing the specifics of the single, Lotus Eater drummer and stylistic architect Cameron Humphrey explains “Obliterate revolves around traumatic experiences, learning from the hurt and using it as fuel for our green tinged inferno. Having the opportunity to collaborate with our friend and Idol Oli Sykes truly allowed us to bring this track to a level never seen before. We will always be forever grateful.”

“‘Where The Body Goes’ is the newest soundtrack to our ever changing motion picture,” adds Humphrey. “Beginning to end, we looked deep within ourselves to create a body of work that truly represents the emotional connection we have with modernity. The plethora of struggles and emotional discomfort mixed with total euphoria blends to create what we feel to be our greatest creation yet.”

Few artists can confidently ride the buzz and back it up the way Lotus Eater does. Apart from the band's earned advocacy from the likes of Sykes, the hype has proved more than warranted. If there was any skepticism as to what the future of heavy music looks and sounds like, Lotus Eater have since obliterated that. Pun loosely intended.

Where The Body Goes from Lotus Eater arrives July 23rd via Hopeless Records. Stream the KNOTFEST premiere of "Obliterate" from Lotus Eater featuring Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon below.

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