Luna 13 showcase a demented brand of deathronica on "Sekhmet"

Luna 13 showcase a demented brand of deathronica on "Sekhmet"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Dr. Luna and Lilith Bathory concoct a potent meld of electronica and black metal with the first track written for their latest LP, 'God.Dis'

The hellacious duo of Dr. Luna and Lilith Bathory continue to refine their signature of black metal adjacent electronica with their latest offering from their occult-inspired opus, God.Dis.

Following the successful offerings from the album in "Sacrificial Lamb" and "Cursing The Sky," the tandem's latest is among the effort's heaviest, indulging the band's black metal sensibilities in a track that plays out like a spiraling decent into the bowels of hell. A violent fusion of distorted low end, sinister synth from Dr. Luna, combined with the menacing growl of Bathory - "Sekhmet" is audio evil in a 4-minute track.

The team's musical architect in Dr. Luna describes the significance of "Sekhmet". "The video is a group of Wastelanders invoking Sekhmet in the desert with fire. It was the very first track we wrote for our God.Dis album release and represents our style of going from slow doom to thrash in a blink."

Apart from the visual theatrics and the strong occult esthetic in Luna13's brand, the band also champions a unique sense of personal empowerment and individuality in their music. Particularly on "Sekhmet", tapping into Egyptian mythology for source material, underscores the headspace the band is in, looking to powerful warrior-like women in better articulating their creative narrative and their artistry in such audio aggression.

Though the content merits mentioning, Luna13's stylistic mesh of electronica meshed with the mass of black metal is the kind of language that could get muddy if a lesser talent was at the helm. The chemistry of Luna and Bathory is such that the unlikely combination comes together with fluidity and fervor - deathtronica runs rampant.

Watch the KNOTFEST premiere of "Sekhmet" from Luna13 below. Get God.Dis from Luna13 available now on COP International - HERE
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