Meet the Maggots: Death Blooms | Scarlet | Cerberus

Meet the Maggots: Death Blooms | Scarlet | Cerberus

- By Ramon Gonzales

Take a closer look at some of the emerging prospects that anchor the first-ever Pulse of the Maggots Festival.

As the first-ever Pulse of the Maggots Festival draws closer, Knotfest continues to profile the congregation of artists that comprise of a roster that is as diverse as it is talented.

Compiling a multitude of subgenres from various parts of the world, the festival's run of show will offer a definitive snapshot of the overall health of heavy culture - showcasing creativity, progression, and a collection of much needed, emotionally-charged performances.

Before tuning into the festival, here is another feature further examining the names and faces that keep the Pulse of the Maggots pumping strong.

Death Blooms HOMETOWN - Liverpool, UK PERFORMING SINCE - 2016 FAVORITE VENUE - The Zanzibar, Liverpool BIGGEST INFLUENCES - Slipknot, Linkin Park, Hatebreed


Your most recent singles “Anger” and “Life Is Pain” feel like they come from a very personal place. Is the catharsis in your music metaphoric or are you really working out your emotions in these songs? It's definitely an emotional workout and the release is very real. Every word that I say, I mean. Honestly, I need that, exactly the same way as anyone going to a show needs that connection on a deeper level. We live in a society that is based around filters and miscommunication, so I think it's really important for us to get our point across is the best way we know how and that's through being quite blunt with our message and our feelings.

Despite the shit show that is 2020, the band signed with Adventure Cat Records and has kept your momentum rolling. Has it been difficult to stay motivated? What a fucking strange time. There's definitely been massive bouts of both sides of this to be honest. There's been times when everyone's needed a few days to collect their thoughts, because like everyone else, our individual mental health has taken a bashing: from losing jobs, to not being able to go outside. There's definitely been days where we've tried to somehow force ourselves to write songs and be productive. All these things have a massive effect on people's brains and we've been no different from anyone else. The main thing that has kept us all going in the belief in and love of what we do in Death Blooms. We need this band and we are going to do this and collectively we're always stronger. We absolutely do not take for granted the forward thinking and support that has been given to us from Adventure Cat this year, so thanks a lot to Mike and Matt for being there for us.

It is incredibly tough to standout as a metalcore band in the UK. What do you think sets Death Blooms apart from the pack? I think the answer is in your question. I'm not even sure we consider ourselves a metalcore band. I think our sound is varied enough for people to have different opinions on what kind of band we are. We draw from a lot of influences, but always have that nu-metal bounce/feel, just because that sound is buried deep within our songwriting psyche. So I think the thing that makes us different, is that there's something for all lovers of metal in our music.

For fans getting introduced to the band for the first time through Pulse of the Maggots Festival, what should they expect? Four people finally back in a room together doing what they fucking love doing. We really needed this this year, so thanks for asking us to be part of it and thanks to everyone tuning in.

Scarlet HOMETOWN - Stockholm/Los Angeles PERFORMING SINCE - 2018 FAVORITE VENUE - Sweden Rock Festival BIGGEST INFLUENCES - Erik Satie, Lady Gaga


The band is also debuting your Obey The Queen album on the same day your of your Pulse of the Maggots Festival appearance - are you treating this like a release show? Pulse Of The Maggots Festival is a big part of a big day for me. And since we can not play live due to the current world situation it's definitly an amazing opportunity to celebrate the release doing this festival.

You’ve shared that your music is a healthy way to channel your ‘fuckedupness’ - does it become emotionally taxing tapping into that kind of heaviness to create? It defenitly was. I have never written an album before and I have not really recovered from the mental stress and pain. But now I have the experience and can prepare in a different way in the making of the next album.

Your make-up seems less like spectacle and more symbolic of something bigger. Can you explain how your presentation factors into your music and message? For me its important that people can relate to all parts of Scarlet. I represent a mindset and a way of living, not a person. Its easier to relate to a skull than to a person with a face

For fans just being introduced to you through Pulse of the Maggots, what should they expect from your set this Friday? Energy, sweat, puls, excitement, anger and HELL YEAH!

Cerberus HOMETOWN - Mexico City PERFORMING SINCE - 2014 FAVORITE VENUE - Affliction Clothing Studios, Foro TRJ BIGGEST INFLUENCES - Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for my Valentine


Mexico is very passionate about metal music. Does that make it easier to find a fan base there or does it make it more difficult because fans really know the music? It’s a double edged sword. Since metal fans are so passionate here there are tons of bands out there, so it’s a bit difficult to stand out at first. Once you get momentum and people start connecting with your music they become loyal and really supportive fans who will follow your band anywhere.

The band released Fire! last year. It was the band’s first full length album in five years. What changes happened within the band during that time? The biggest difference was that we where still looking for our style on our first album, Otura Ka, so it was a mixture of a lot of things, now on Fire! We already knew what we where looking for as a band and what market we wanted to approach, not only on the music we wrote but also with the people we worked with, people who helped us accomplish that modern heavy metal sound more on the mainstream side that we were looking for. Also Ed Khronos (drummer) joined the band in late 2014 and his ideas really brought a lot of things to the table when it came to writing the music since he and I have the same musical influences.

Also Otura Ka came out we were kids with almost no experience on stage. When Fire! was being written we already had a fan base. A fan base we gained by playing with acts such as Metallica, Bullet for My Valentine, Korn, so we knew what people were expecting from a band like us.

There is a rock and roll element to your sound that is rare these days. Does that unique sound make it tough to find other bands that you fit with? Not at all! I think it’s been helpful because it’s a point where old school and new school metal fans collide, so we can fit with the Metallica fans as much as with the Five Finger fans. Kind of a breath of fresh air I think to find something new with that old school vibe without actually sounding old school... sorta like Avenged Sevenfold or Halestorm.

For fans just being introduced to you through Pulse of the Maggots, what should they expect from your set this Friday? Funny you ask this just after mentioning that rock n roll vibe because we’re big fans of huge stage productions just as bands did back in the 80’s. Something people always say in the Mexican metal scene is that we always have big visual productions, everything in white with big backdrops that match with the stage floor, scrims, lights etc... so that’s something you can expect! Something I heard from the Death Punch guys who heard it from Rob Zombie is, “Always bring more stuff!”

Also we did our best to accommodate the set list with the singles that our fan base like the most and a couple of deep cuts that define our sound the best so that if you dig these 6 songs, you will definitely like the rest of our music!

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