Melted Bodies shine as metal music mavericks with "Liars"

Melted Bodies shine as metal music mavericks with "Liars"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Shifting from the social commentary of their chaotic 'Enjoy Yourself' debut to a more introspective effort no less intense, the LA agitators combine aggression and art in wildly weird ways.

When your creative impetus is an intersection of Cannibal Corpse’s The Bleeding and Talking Heads’ More Songs about Buildings and Food, rest assured shit is going to get brilliantly weird.

Thus has been the artistic M.O. for LA-based aggressors Melted Bodies. Following in the lineage of audacious, artistic outliers like The Residents, Throbbing Gristle and even The Cramps, the band's metallic pre-reqs are undeniable, but their fierce commitment to outside the box presentation is what makes them an especially promising prospect.

Thriving during the abysmal days of 2020, the collective of Melted Bodies launched their full length debut, Enjoy Yourself - a consuming 10-track mindfuck that took the category of avant-garde and somehow made it accessible. Tracks like "99 Scents" and "Club Anxious" offered an infectious energy rooted in aggression, executed with the kind of detail that underscored the band's ability to be articulate while delivering a pile driver of instrumental intensity. That balance, no easy feat, showcased a special sense of weird that translated as authentic, audacious, and stroke of originality in a space that can run afoul of going stale.

For the band's most recent effort, The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1 serves as the first of three unique, inventive EPs, packaged into a searing sophomore album. On Enjoy Yourself, the band embraced the broad thematic context of consumerism, arrogance, political ambivalence, and isolationism in what served as socially relevant fodder - applicable musical chaos to properly soundtrack the uncertainty of the era. Now, the band offer a more introspective take - tackling personal fulfillment, artistic integrity, and the universal pursuit of purpose in a collection of songs that hit with the same signature heft, just from a much different angle.

Offering a glimpse of the band's next chapter, "Liars" sources the inner strife that eventually gets the best of all of us to craft a five-minute flex of well-honed hostility. Vocalist/guitarist Andy Hamm detailed the personal nexus of the track, "We all have moments, days, years, or even lives where we often choose to lie instead of letting anyone in on the barrage of self-deprecations and troubles that actually plague our minds when asked, "Hey, how are you?" Instead, we get in line with everyone else and wait to self-implode."

With the arrival of The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1 due November 25th, Melted Bodies are well on their way in becoming one of heavy music's most infectious non-conformists. "Liars" further evidences that fact, combining eccentricity, authenticity and a heavy music pedigree that positions the living, breathing art installation of a band in a league of their own.

Stream the Knotfest premiere of "Liars" from Melted Bodies below.
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